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Building sell sheets and spec sheets is time-consuming and prone to errors. Yet sell sheets and spec sheets are critical when it comes to having successful meetings with buyers and merchants, or standing out at crowded trade shows and events. Many of our clients asked us for an easy way to build Sell Sheets and Spec Sheets.

Our first question for them was–how do you do that now?

That’s when they’d take a long breath and there’d be a long pause… and tell us: we do it with spreadsheets and powerpoint slide decks. It’s slow, and the data is almost never up to date.

We knew there had to be a better way, and that’s why we built our easy-to-use, web-based Sell Sheet Builder!

Sell Sheet Builder – How It Works

If you’ve ever seen a spec sheet or a sell sheet, they’re usually one or at most two page documents that highlight the benefits of a product, show a product image, and include some key data like the product ID, dimensions and other info. Sometimes they also include pricing info, but not always. A lot of time the product data is stored in a Product Information Management (PIM) system like Salsify, Syndigo or 1WorldSync. While the data is all there, it’s hard to get it from those systems into a customer-ready PPT or PDF format.

Our Sell Sheet Builder works by taking a data feed (sometimes known as a channel export) from your PIM system and automating the mapping of that data into your sell sheet and spec sheet designs. And with our plugins for systems like Salsify, you can even create Sell Sheets directly from the Salsify user interface. Either way, once your sell sheets are generated, our tool delivers them directly back to Salsify so they’re always readily available, easy to find and up to date.

With our web-based design interface, it’s quick and easy to design the layout for your sell sheets or spec sheets. And with our automation rules, can you can customize the designs with brand-specific colors and logos. That way, if you’re managing multiple brands, your sell sheets are automatically customized for each brand in your portfolio. 

Create Sell Sheets on The Web

A number of years ago, before web browsers interfaces became as fast and powerful as they are, and before Internet speeds were as fast as they are, it made sense that you would need a whole bunch of applications installed on your desktop in order to build sell sheets. But today, more and more business applications are web based – Salesforce is probably the most well-known example. So when you think about generating Sell Sheets and Spec Sheets, and your PIM system is already web-based, it makes sense that your Sell Sheet Builder would be web-based as well.

What’s great about this is that there’s no software to install. The systems can connect to each other directly, and sell sheets can be created and accessed from any computer that has a web browser. It also means that if you’ve got an older computer, or you’re on the road, you can still build and download sell sheets when and where you need them. No messy installs, upgrades, or worrying about whether you’ve got the latest version–and sell sheet templates for your company are available to any user, not just someone who has the software installed.

Flexible Templates

Because our Sell Sheet builder is built on top of our Creative Automation Platform, it’s easy to design templates and even to edit Sell Sheets (with no additional software) after they’re generated. Want to make a quick edit, add some text, or drop in an image on a particular sheet? No problem. Plus, if your source data gets updated, you can simply re-generate your sell sheet and rest assured that you have the latest content and information for your sales team.

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Find Out More About the Sell Sheet Builder!

What started out as a request from our customers has turned into one of our most popular capabilities. Clients use your Sell Sheet builder to make both sell sheets and spec sheets. Our built-in design capabilities mean the sell-sheets can be customized to your brand, and for any customer or retailer your talking to. Take advantage of our Sell Sheet Builder today so you can start spending less time creating sales materials and more time closing deals. Book at a time to connect with us here.


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