Creative Managed Services

We’ve got you covered! Managed services for creative production and management give you the best of both worlds. The design capabilities you expect from an agency combined with the self-serve capabilities you expect from a design tool. That means you get immediate cost and time savings every time you want to make a change to your designs, but with the full level of service you expect for a creative agency.

At IT’SRAPID, we use our own creative platform to build images, videos, and ads for our managed services program, so you can login anytime to make changes, like updating headlines, changing product images or swapping in new background images. That means you can save time and money, while scaling content to more channels and products than ever before. Work with existing templates and designs or create projects from scratch. Either way, you have access to our full library of pre-built e-commerce retailer, social media, and e-mail marketing image, video and display advertising templates. And take advantage of our easy-to-use, online proofing tools to make sure that all stakeholders have reviewed and approved designs before they go live.

As part of our onboarding process, we load your Brand Kit, so every design stays true to your brand guidelines and requirements. You’ll love working with our Managed Service team — our team members bring a wealth of experience in both design and customer success to every engagement.

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Need an extra hand for your brand refresh?

Or someone to do a brand audit? Or choose lifestyle images? We’ve got you covered.

Our Managed Services team can help with:


  • E-Commerce Strategy and Content Consulting
  • On-Page Brand Audits across Image Carousels, Videos, Category Pages and more
  • Competitive Content and Advertising Audits
  • Creating a Brand Refresh Plan
  • Creating an Email Marketing Campaign
  • Brand Refresh Execution
  • Digital Advertising Campaign Creation
  • Image Creation
  • Video Creation and more!
What are Creative Management Managed Services?

Creative Management Managed Services make it easy for you to have new content created without having to learn a new platform. Whether that’s on-page images or videos, Shoppable Videos, E-Commerce display ads or images for e-mail campaigns, our Managed Services team can meet your needs. Our team brings a unique combination of design and customer success experience to every engagement. You get all the capabilities of an agency with the ease of use and direct access of a design platform. That means we can build creative for you based on briefs you provide and you can then make as many revisions as you want — changes to headlines, product image swaps, background changes and more — with no additional cost.

What are Managed Services for Video Creation?

Managed Services for video creation help you create videos across your entire portfolio. We leverage your existing marketing approved assets, such as product images, lifestyle images and video clips to create new and compelling videos. These videos can be used on-page for product detail pages, or for ad campaigns on e-commerce sites as Shoppable Videos. Even better, you can login and make any changes you’d like directly–updating product images, headlines, logos and more.

How do I get started with Managed Services for Creative Production?

Getting started with Creative Management Managed services is easy. Our team of E-commerce and design professionals will start by learning about your brand. We’ll get your Brand Kit loaded and based on your input, we’ll create an initial set of designs for you to review. From there you can send us project requests or login directly to our platform to make changes directly.

What's the difference between Managed Services and Self-Serve?

Our Managed Service offering gives you access to a full team of designers, producers and project managers, while also providing you with login access to make changes directly in out platform. That headline update, text change product swap or image change you want to try out? No problem – you can login anytime and make that quick change, or send us a request and we’ll take care of it for you.

With our Self-Serve only offering, we provide you with detailed training and onboarding and then you login to create content using our existing templates. We provide online reference materials and are always available to answer any questions you have.

How does onboarding work for Creative Managed Services?

Onboarding with our Creative Managed Services is easy. We’ll start with an onboarding call to learn about your brand and content plans, get your Brand Kit loaded, and start creating designs for you. Deliverables are available through our online proofing tool, where you can easily make comments and provide feedback.

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