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The IT’SRAPID API makes it easy to create banners, product infographics, high resolution image files for print media, and videos programmatically.


Sample Use Cases
API Overview
API Calls
Feed Delivery
SSO Integration
Testing Environment

Sample Use Cases

  • Create multiple variations of the same banner, infographic or video
  • Create high resolution print files for use for in-store media
  • Create product tiles from your existing image library, PIM or DAM system
  • Create testimonial tiles from a feed of lifestyle images, product images and review text
  • Create display ads for digital, in-store, or in-app display that feature a special offer, specific product or lifestyle image
  • Add image or video creation into your existing web site or application, with support for multiple image types, including PSD files, specific file size limits, and naming conventions

API Overview

The API provides support for creating various image and video file outputs. The API supports Individual calls for single template creation. It also supports a Jobs API for larger volume calls. We recommend starting with the individual asset creation API to test new templates and integrations.

JSON for the Jobs API can easily be created by first retrieving the template JSON for a given template, and then passing in the provided JSON with updated parameters. Submitted jobs are queued in the jobs queue.

Authorization Requirements

Bearer token (token authentication) must be passed in with supplied key value. Please contact us to request a key value.

Sample command line:
curl -X GET <endpoint>/api/templates -H “Authorization: Bearer <key value>”

Image URL and Product ID support

Product images can be specified by product ID (such as GTIN or UPC) or by URL. Examples are provided below.

Create Single Image

: /api/create/image

– Template ID
– Input
– File Size Limit (optional)
– Output File Format (optional)

Type: POST
Returns: status with additional information; example:

    "success": true,
    "data": "",
    "message": "Image generated successfully"

Sample Calls

With Product ID

curl --location --request POST '' --header 'Authorization: Bearer ABCABCABCABC' --form 'template_id="311"' --form 'input="{ \"Product Dimensions 2\": {\"value\": \"00012000001666\", \"angle\" : \"45\" },\"Product Format\": {\"value\": \"THIS IS THE TITLE\"},\"Sub Text\": {\"value\": \"SODA CAN\" }, \"Quantity or Volume\": {\"value\": 100},\"Units\": {\"value\": \"Units\"}}"'

With Product Image URL

curl --location --request POST '' --header 'Authorization: Bearer ABCABCABCABC' --form 'template_id="250"' --form 'input="{\"GTIN\": {\"offset_x\": \"-120\", \"value\":\"\"},\"Headline 1\":{\"value\":\"Soda can\"},\"Headline 2\":{\"value\":\"Headline 2\"},\"Headline 3\":{\"value\":\"Headline 3\"}}"'

Template API

Get Template List

: /api/templates
Type: GET
Returns: List of templates

Get Template Fields

: /api/templates/<template id>/fields
Type: GET
Returns: JSON containing template fields for specified template ID

Jobs API

Create Template Job

Endpoint: /api/templates/
Type: POST
Returns: Job ID

template_id: ID of the template to be used

job_type: type of output to be created, e.g. 1 for banners/images

input: json array (enclosed in brackets) of JSON objects with the data for every output to be created. This JSON can be created from the data returned from the Get Template Fields endpoint.


  • To create multiple outputs, separate each JSON object with a comma.
  • For Product Images that are already loaded in the system, pass in one or more Product IDs, separated by spaces.
  • For Images that are not loaded in the system, pass in the publicly available image URL. (This should be the URL of the image itself, rather than a link to a page.)

Get Job Status

: /api/job/<job id>/status
Type: GET
Returns: Job Status with detailed info about a job, status, % completed.

Delete Job

: /api/job/<job id>/delete
Type: POST
Returns: Status

Feed Delivery

Feeds are used to deliver automated or bulk image updates to It’sRapid. Feeds are typically dropped on a daily or weekly basis and ingested, but can also be configured for real-time delivery or other schedules.

Please contact us for a sample feed file.

SSO Integration

To integrate It’sRapid with your application with SSO integration, please contact us for more information.

Sandbox Testing Environment

It’sRapid supports a sandbox development environment for testing API calls, feeds and other integrations. Separate API keys are provided for the sandbox testing environment, and we can configure specific templates for testing various use cases. Once calls are validated in testing, we can issue production API keys.