Online Proofing Tools

When it comes to building creative like images, videos and display ads for e-commerce, it’s crucial to be able to get feedback from colleagues, partners and clients. That’s why we built online proofing tools right into our Creative Management Platform. Our online proofing tools make it quick and easy to make comments with questions or suggested revisions. 

Share Proofs
With share proofs, you can send e-mail right from our platform. You can choose who will be notified about any comments, and whether approval should be requested. Prefer to include a link to the share proof in your own email? No problem! Copy a share proof link to the clipboard and paste it into your email. With share proof permissions, you can set up the proof so anyone with the share proof link can access the proof, or only invited users who are logged in. 

Drop Pin Support
With our drop pin support for share proofs, clients and partners can drop a pin anywhere on a proof to leave a comment. That streamlines the commenting process, because you know exactly what part of the proof the comment is referring to.

Drawing on Proofs
Sometimes when making a comment on a design, it’s helpful to be able to draw directly on the proof. Our drawing support makes it easy to draw in different colors and leave a typed comment as well, if you’d like. 

Our built in approval and approval history support makes it easy to keep track of approvals, and maintain a history of who’s approved a specific design and when. 

online proofing tools

Designed to meet your needs

Our online proofing tools make it quick and easy to get feedback on your creative. With built in commenting, editing and approval capabilities, online proofing has never been easier.

Use Cases

• Our own Managed Services team using our online proofing tools day in and day out to share proofs with clients and get feedback
• Agencies using our white label creative management platform using our online proofing tools to share drafts with their clients
• Brands use our tools internally to get feedback from colleagues and stakeholders throughout the organization

What are online proofing tools?

Online proofing tools make it easy for colleagues, partners and clients to provide feedback on designs. With online proofing tools, it’s easy to leave comments, including written comments, pin drops and drawings. With our online proofing tools, you can view comments left by each user or all at once. Users can also mark comments as resolved to indicate they’ve been addressed.

How do I use online proofing tools?

Online proofing tools are easy to use. Simply create a share proof and share the link with anyone. The link goes to a share proof page where users can leave comments. Links can be sent directly from IT’SRAPID or by copying and pasting a share proof link into an email, slack or Teams message.

Should I use online proofing tools or email?

The benefit of using online proofing tools is that they avoid the cumbersome back and forth that typically occurs when trying to get feedback on creative via email. What’s more, there’s no need to use other tools to leave feedback, instead users can drop pins, make comments and draw directly on digital share proofs. Account managers and designers are notified when someone leaves a new comment and they can view comments and mark them as resolved once they’ve been addressed. Online proofing tools vastly streamline the content proofing workflow.

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