Salsify Syndication and Workflow Integrations

IT’SRAPID Syndication and Workflow solutions for Salsify make it easier and faster to syndicate content to retailers like Shopee and Lazada where Salsify does not provide direct integrations.

Our solution helps leading global brands deliver their Salsify content in just seconds to these retailers. We syndicate image carousel images, product titles, product copy, video and below-the-fold enhanced content. We stay current with retailer platform API changes, so that as platforms update their APIs, we update our integrations.

Our solution includes built-in access control and logging, history, and customizable feed imports and exports.

Our decades of experience with Product Information Management (PIM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems means we have the knowledge and know-how to set these integrations up for success in virtually every environment. Our team has developed solutions for some of the largest brands and retailers in the world, including Walmart, Target, PepsiCo and many more.

Take advantage of our existing global integrations or contact us about integrations for new markets or retailers,

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Customized to meet your needs

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Sample Use Cases

• Syndicate content directly to retailers that Salsify does not have a direct connection for
• Import feeds from Salsify to build hundreds or thousands of creative variations of PDP imagery or digital banner ads
• Transform feed data from Salsify for delivery to other PIM systems
• Streamline content updates, turning days into seconds

What is a content syndication solution?

A content syndication solution delivers content to key channels such as retailer sites and marketplaces through direct API connections. This makes the content updates fast and efficient.

Why do I need an additional integration solution for Salsify?

Salsify supports direct syndication for a wide variety of retailers. However, there are a number of markets globally where PIM solutions like Salsify do not support direct API integrations. In this case, an add-on module for syndication is needed. Our iPaaS for syndication delivers content from your Salsify instance directly to connected retailer platforms.

How can I get started with syndication solutions for Salsify?

Getting started with a a syndication for Salsify is easy. Simply setup a feed export or API integration with your Salsify instance, and the It’sRapid platform will ingest your feed, transform it, and deliver it to the endpoints you have connected.

How can I do A/B testing with a Salsify integration?

A/B testing is one of the big opportunities to improve performance when it comes to retail media and PDP optimization. Fortunately, with a Salsify integration, and a direct API connection, you can update content in seconds on PDP pages. This means you can A/B test multiple variations of PDP images, videos and product copy to see what performs the best. A Creative Management Platform can help you build many variations of your content which can they be syndicated to e-com sites.

What is the ROI for content syndication solutions?

Content syndication solutions like the It’sRapid Salsify integration accelerate your ability to update key content on e-commerce channels like Shopee, Lazada and many more. Leading brands are able to reduce content update time from days to seconds, accelerating time to market and savings hours every week, while ensuring content like images, product copy and videos are updated in a timely manner.

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