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The demand for e-commerce creative is skyrocketing. That’s because every campaign, from display ads to image carousels and below-the fold brand content needs fresh creative. In an increasingly crowded online world, the challenge is how to build the creative that tells your brand story at the speed and scale that the market demands.

Your Brand Story

The best way to tell your brand story is through custom content. That means not just hundreds of variations of the same product image, but content that is truly customized for each display campaign, image carousel and below-the-fold image and video area.

Fortunately, a new modular approach to content creation is available. This approach leverages your existing marketing-approved assets and turns them into brand stories customized for each product. You benefit from telling your brand story in the best light possible; your shoppers benefit from knowing everything they need to know to make informed purchase decisions.

Image and Video Creative

There are a variety of image and video creative types that you can use to tell your brand story. Here are just a few:

Product Infographics

  • Comparison Images
  • How To Images
  • Benefits Images

Display Banners

  • Display banners appear on retailer e-commerce sites as well as on their off-site networks

Shoppable Videos

  • Video Testimonials
  • How To Videos

On product pages, product infographics and shoppable videos can be placed in the image carousel; they can also be placed in the below-the-fold area, which usually consists of multiple images.

Comparison Images compare one product with another, such as in the example below.

How To Images and Videos explain how to use your product. These can be straightforward 1-2 or 1-2-3 step images, or videos consisting of graphics, text, and short video clips.

Benefits Images highlight the benefits of a particular product, often using an image of the product, a lifestyle background image and a set of key features and benefits.

Display banners typically appear near the top of product and category pages, and can promote your brand even when shoppers aren’t looking at one of your products.

Video Testimonials transform reviews into engaging clips that highlight consumer sentiment about your products. These videos integrate review text and ratings with product images and video clips to tell your authentic brand story.

Custom Creative at Scale

Creating custom content at scale has never been easy. All too often, creating compelling brand content has required weeks, if not months of work, with additional time required for additional iterations.

Fortunately, RapidAds modular content creation approach integrates your existing marketing-approved content assets with easy-to-use templates to let you build custom creative at scale.

RapidAds comes with an extensive library of pre-built templates. These include a variety of Product Comparison, How-To, and Testimonial Templates. RapidAds also provides retailer-specific banner templates that take the guess-work out of building production-ready display campaigns. These templates also make it easy to make updates across multiple template sizes and they ensure that the delivered files adhere to retailer file size and naming requirements. At the same time, they ensure the delivered assets adhere to brand style guides.

You can also build your own templates by editing existing templates or creating new templates completely from scratch.

Your E-Commerce Brand Audit

One key to building great E-Commerce content is having the right tools. The other key is knowing where to start. Contact us today to get your free E-Commerce Brand Audit. We provide a comprehensive analysis of your E-Commerce brand presence, covering your use of image carousels, videos, display ads and search marketing.


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