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Having great visual content on your product detail page is more important than ever before. But creating content, especially image infographics and product videos has historically been a slow and expensive process. Plus, costs typically go up even further when it comes time to refresh that content for seasonal events like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, July 4th, and other seasonal events. That’s because content usually needs to be re-created from scratch, which takes time and money.

What if there were a better way to create compelling content, especially video content, for your product detail pages? What if you could get the same high quality videos you expect from a traditional agency, but at a fraction of the time and cost?

Fortunately, there is a better way–a content creation approach that makes it fast and easy not only to create original content from your existing marketing assets, but to refresh that content for packaging changes and occasions throughout the year. IT’SRAPID is pioneering a new approach to visual content creation for images, videos and display ads, and we’re excited to introduce our latest offering, stop-motion video creation that anyone can use with the IT’SRAPID Video Builder. No longer do you need years of experience with video creation; now everyone can create compelling stop-motion product videos in minutes.

Some of the features that make our stop-motion video creation tool unique are:

Cross-scene product image updating.

With our scene editing tool, you can set and replace a product image across all the scenes in your video with just one click. Select an image from your product image library, and then apply that image across all your scenes. In seconds, you’ll have a brand new video, updated to showcase the product you just selected.

Built-in product image library.

Our creative management platform makes it easy for you to import all your product images and keep them updated. Plus, with automated background removal, we can make sure your products are ready to be overlaid on any background image or color.

Scene animation and video export in one tool.

Unlike existing tools where you need to work in two or three tools in order to create the graphics for your video and then turn them into your final video, with our Video Maker, you can build your scenes directly in our storyboard tool, and then click Download and you’re final video will be generated right away.

Stop-motion video templates.

Our built-in stop-motion video templates are perfect for your video creation needs. We add more templates all the time, plus, we can create custom stop-motion video templates for your brand in our Video Builder design interface.


With themes, you can switch from one brand kit to another brand kit with a single click. Customize logos, fonts, colors and styles for each brand, and then switch themes to refresh your video with a look and feel that’s specific to the selected brand. This feature is ideal for agencies managing multiple brands, or for companies with multiple brands under their umbrella. For example, check out our video creation case study with our client Revlon, to learn more about how they leverage our themes support to create customized videos at scale across their product line.

What makes stop-motion videos so compelling?

Well, for starters, they look great and are incredibly engaging for shoppers, but with new tools and design approaches, they can be created in minutes, rather than hours, days or weeks. Especially now with so much content becoming bite-sized (think Tiktok and Instagram), having compelling visual content that stands out is more important than ever. And with stop-motion videos, you can leverage your existing product images and marketing assets, but showcase them in a new format that is perfect for product detail pages on e-commerce sites like Amazon, Walmart, Target and more.

Leading brands love to use stop-motion videos, but until now they’ve been costly to create and have required the expertise of animation and video creation specialists. With the IT’SRAPID Video Builder tool, video creation, especially stop-motion video creation, has taken a huge leap forward in terms of usability, access and ease of use.

So if you’re looking for a way to help your brand stand out, contact us today. We would love to help you build a stop-motion video that will make your brand shine.

IT’SRAPID is an Amazon Certified Creative Services Partner and Instacart’s Creative Services Partner for Digital Advertising and Creative.


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