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If there’s one thing that’s frustrating for sales people, it’s when they’ve got an interesting prospect, but they don’t have the information at their fingertips that the prospect is looking for. Often that’s the case with Sell Sheets and Spec Sheets, which is why we introduced our new Salsify Sell Sheet builder. It takes data and images you already have in Salsify and turns that data into great looking Sell Sheets and spec sheets. We can even incorporate data from other systems like Salesforce and SAP.

Salsify Sell Sheet Benefits

Sell sheets are usually one or two page documents that cover key product data. Some customers refer to them as spec sheets, focusing mainly on product specs and pricing. Challenges involve keeping the data up to date for sell sheets – especially when it’s stored in multiple systems, organizing that data and formatting it into the sell sheet, and doing this work across multiple products in a product catalog.

Salsify Sell Sheets are great because they:

  • Make use of product data that’s already in Salsify
  • Incorporate images that are stored in Salsify
  • Can include data from other systems like Salesforce and SAP
  • Are an easy way to ensure sell sheet and spec sheets are up to date
  • Can be published directly back to Salsify so they’re easy to find

In the past, creating Sell Sheets and spec sheets and keeping them up to date was painful and time-consuming. But now with the Salsify Sell Sheet Builder, it is much easier.

Salsify Sell Sheets – How They Work

The Salsify Sell Sheet Builder takes data that’s already in Salsify and turns it into a Sell Sheet containing the latest product data. The Sell Sheet builder can use a channel export, and automatically fetches images from image URLs to incorporate into your sell sheet. Once a Sell Sheet is generated, it can be automatically uploaded back into Salsify via a direct API connection.

Sell Sheets easily map data in Salsify to fields in the Sell Sheet templates. With our system, it’s easy to set up one or more templates to support multiple use cases, product lines or visual designs. Introducing new product packaging? Use our product packaging update template to highlight old packaging vs. new packaging.

Sell Sheets can also be customized to include search insights, pricing data, SKU information and more.

They can include brand-specific messaging, logos, colors, fonts and design elements. And our Sell Sheets can be as paired down or scaled up as you’d like. Plus, whenever data is updated with new specs, SKU numbers or pricing info, it’s easy to re-generate a new Salsify Sell Sheet with just a few clicks. 

Whenever you release a new product, you can create a new Sell Sheet and rest assured that it’s going to adhere to the same design and approach as Sell Sheets you’ve already created. Plus, by storing the Sell Sheets in Salsify, you can rest assured that everyone knows where to find them. 

Mr Coffee Sell SheetPatron Silver Sell Sheet

Find Out More About the Salsify Sell Sheet Builder Today!

At It’sRapid, we’re proud to be a Salsify technology partner. Through our partnership with Salsify, we have the relationship, the domain knowledge, and the expertise to deliver the capabilities you need and support you at every step of optimizing your product sales. Take advantage of Salsify Sell Sheets so you can start spending less time creating sales materials and more time closing deals. Book at a time to connect with us here.


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