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“It’sRapid helps us create product detail page copy, titles and images that convert. We’re able to get products to market faster, perform better in organic search results on Amazon, Walmart and other retailers, and scale content creation across thousands of items. But what I love most about It’sRapid is their customer service-it’s fantastic.”

– Frank Rosario, Director of Content, Ubique

Building Product Detail Page Copy, Titles and Images That Convert

As the Director of Content at Ubique, a leading, customer-focused merchandiser of furniture and décor, Frank Rosario knows a thing or two about content. Frank manages the company’s full content production pipeline. He’s also responsible for maintaining Ubique’s large-scale Salsify product content library.

Frank’s challenge for us was this: could we help him and his team build keyword-optimized product copy, titles and images for 250+ SKUs per month, including multiple images per product?

Here’s how we partnered with Ubique to make it happen.

Office Chair Photo for Product Detail Page


The Product Detail Page Opportunity

First, some quick math on the scale of content that Ubique needs to create each month:

  • thousands of keyword-optimized, retailer-specific product titles and descriptions
  • plus thousands of item-specific images

From a SKU and content creation perspective, Ubique faces a unique challenge in that they launch more than 500 new products a year.

Each of those products comes in a wide number of different variations, translating into thousands of individual SKUs. Each of those SKUs could benefit from unique content–but traditional content creation approaches don’t scale from a time or cost perspective to meet the need.

Frank’s business case was that by not having great content ready when a product launches, Ubique was missing out on potential sales. That’s because items would be set up with very basic content, meaning that those items would lose out on the opportunity to rank well in search algorithms on Amazon, Walmart, Target and other sites. What’s more, by not having item-specific content, Ubique’s product detail pages (or PDPs) were less likely to convert once a shopper did land on a page.

Frank wanted to see how the It’sRapid Creative Automation Platform could help him and his team scale to create this volume content, personalized to each and every one of the SKUs in his portfolio. Frank knew that if they could find a scalable solution, that would help them get products to market faster, take advantage of more selling days in market, and create high converting content at scale, for both product copy and images. All of this together would result in more sales for the company.

About Ubique

Ubique Group is a category-leading, customer-focused merchandiser of furniture and décor for home, office, classroom, event, and commercial spaces worldwide. Backed by over 20 years of world-class sales and service, Ubique Group delivers a broad assortment of high-quality furnishings at affordable prices. The company offers more than 4,000 unique, highly rated commercial and residential products with unparalleled marketplace distribution.

Ubique is a long-time Salsify customer, storing their product content, including product descriptions, titles and images in a Product Information Management (PIM) system, while leveraging Salsify to publish the content to retailers like Amazon, Target and Walmart, among others.

How Ubique and It’sRapid Partner To Optimize Content at Scale

Built on top of the It’sRapid Creative Automation Platform, the product detail page content workflow enables Ubique to turn the product data they have in Salsify into keyword-optimized, retailer specific product detail page title, copy and images at scale.

The solution works through a few steps:

  • It’sRapid created a dozen different image and product copy templates based on Ubique’s requirements
  • On a regular basis, It’sRapid imports product data from a Salsify channel export into the It’sRapid Creative Management Platform (CMP)
  • The It’sRapid Creative Management Platform automatically builds product tile images and product copy based on the data, incorporating keyword and retailer recommendations
  • The Creative Management Platform includes a built-in proofing step that ensures the quality of content delivered to Ubique
  • The resulting product titles, descriptions and text are delivered back to Ubique via a Salsify API connection, saving steps and time

Altogether, this workflow means that Ubique is able to launch new products with fully built-out product content–not only product copy and titles, but images as well. This results in time-savings for Ubique, a cost-effective and scalable approach, and it ensures that products receive the maximum visibility in search results and the most selling days in the market.

“With the It’sRapid Creative Management Platform, we can beat our competitors to market by weeks or months by launching products with fully built out, highly optimized product content,” says Rosario. “That really sets us apart in a competitive market.” At It’sRapid, we’re, well, rapid! That’s why we’re thrilled to be able to partner with companies like Ubique and leaders like Frank Rosario to help streamline content creation workflows and optimize sales.

Get Started With It’sRapid Content Optimization for Product Detail Pages Today

How many more sales could you generate if your products launched with great content the first time, every time?

If every product had content customized for it, no matter what scale you operate at?

If your content production times could be measured in minutes instead of months?

It’sRapid is proud to be a named Salsify technology partner, and that partnership gives us the experience, knowledge and know-how to support you at every step of your digital shelf journey. So whether you’re creating one product description or product tile image, or thousands, we’d love to help you. Please book at a time to connect with us here.


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