PSD resizing for ad banners and mobile hero images

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A number of our customers have approached us about the need to be able to resize PSD files quickly and easily.

Their design team or agency built a PSD for one format/size/channel, but they want to repurpose that same asset to be used across a variety of other channels, whether that’s PDP images, banner ads for retail media, or social.

Or, they want to make a small change to an element of the PSD file, such as swapping in a different product image or changing text on a product image or an ad banner. But they don’t want to have to go through a full design process, which could take weeks. They’d like to make these changes themselves if possible.

Many of these customers have dozens if not hundreds of PSD design files and their design teams are already over-capacity. Plus, they’re looking to make quick designs updates, create dozens of new sizes or hundreds of new variations of these creatives.

Simply put, they’re looking for an easy way to take layered PSD files, and with minimal human interaction, resize them into other sizes and formats.

The challenge is that working with PSD files has historically required customized tool sets and extensive design experience. While the PSD design specification is public, there are a lot of nuances when it comes to reading and writing these files.

Some examples of the complexity involved with these files includes dealing with multiple layers in the files, handling very large PSD files, supporting masks (which have the effect of cropping an area of an image with the PSD while leaving the rest of the image visible) resizing the resulting assets into new sizes, and finally, exporting the updated assets with correct file names and sizes to adhere to retailer and ad network requirements. So, it’s not easy.

That’s why our team has been hard at work on our PSD import + resize support. It makes it possible to import PSD files, large or small, and resize them into a variety of different sizes. So whether you’re creating ad banners, updating a product shot for a Mobile Ready Hero Image, or have another use case in mind altogether, importing and resizing PSDs can now be done by virtually anyone, in just a few steps.

We’re excited to share this much-needed functionality with our clients and partners. Contact us today to find out more.


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