It’sRapid and Salsify Announce Strategic Partnership


We are excited to announce that It’sRapid is an official Salsify technology partner. The combination of Salsify’s Product Experience Platform and the It’sRapid Creative Management Platform brings together leading product experience management and content creation and workflow capabilities that further accelerate the ability for brands to win on the digital shelf.

The first offering from this partnership will be the It’sRapid-Salsify Workflow for Mobile Hero image creation. With this workflow, we’re anticipating a game-changing solution that will help brands accelerate their creative production process.

This innovative workflow will enable businesses to effortlessly generate Mobile Ready Hero Images, ensuring optimized, retailer-specific imagery for immediate deployment on retailer .com platforms.

This workflow integration is available to select customers as part of an initial pilot program, and we’re excited to support them in the roll out of this exciting new solution.

Through a seamless integration with Salsify’s powerful Product Experience Management (PXM) platform, businesses can assign a product image from their Salsify catalog to the It’sRapid workflow. With a wide range of templates available, users can easily customize their mobile hero settings and design. Once the initial steps are completed, the rest of the workflow, including wording, colors, and other creative elements is automated by the It’sRapid Creative Management Platform

Key Features of the It’sRapid Mobile Hero Generator

  • Speed: Leverage the power of the It’sRapid API to automatically generate Mobile Hero Images with unprecedented speed. This automated workflow ensures the immediate creation of optimized imagery, enabling businesses to meet fast turnaround demands for their creative assets.
  • Variety: Access a vast range of retailers and templates through the It’sRapid Creative Management Platform. Generate mobile-ready imagery for popular retailers including Amazon, Walmart, Target, Kroger, Instacart and many more. This versatility allows businesses to align their brand identity with various platforms and target audiences.
  • Automated Creative Processes: With It’sRapid, Mobile Hero images undergo automatic transformations based on the product ID. Key attributes, color assignments, quantity values, and other relevant details are seamlessly incorporated into the generated images. It’sRapid handles all the creative aspects.

The Mobile Hero Workflow is the first in an exciting suite of workflows that It’sRapid will be introducing with Salsify. The workflow is now available to customers as part of a pilot rollout, with broad availability slated for early fall. 

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