IT’SRAPID Hosts Fresh Content Fridays with the CPG Guys, FirstMovr and Market Performance Group

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We’re always excited when we’re able to partner with e-commerce leaders and last week we hosted our first Fresh Content Friday episode with Chris Perry, Chief Learning Officer at FirstMovr, and Rachel Tetreault, Executive Vice President at Market Performance Group (MPG). Everyone was excited about the showdown between… Farm Rich Cheese Sticks and State Fair Classic Corn Dogs! Two great products on, and two great product detail pages.

We asked industry experts Rachel and Chris to analyze these two product detail pages and tell us what was fresh — and what would have made the pages even fresher. And then we asked them to chose a winner. Watch the episode to see what they decided!

Spoiler alert!

Chris and Rachel did like the product pages and thought both brands did a great job… but they also highlighted some opportunities to make the pages even fresher. They especially focused on mobile hero images and videos, which were notable absent from the pages.

Of course, there’s nothing like great visual content to help shoppers engage with your products and add to cart. In fact, 73% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video. And 83% of purchase decisions are influenced by product images. Plus, with nearly everyone browsing and shopping on their phone these days, the time has never been better to create visual content like images and videos that can get a shopper’s attention on a small mobile screen.

But the challenge has always been, how do you create visual content that’s compelling, but do it at scale and with reasonable cost? Historically, this has required complex tools, layered image files and involved significant cost, especially when any changes or edits are needed. Fortunately, there’s a new, more modular approach to content creation available, and we’re working to enable that with all of the content tools in our portfolio. That includes our Banner Builder and our Video Builder tools. With our unique content creation tools, creating customized content at scale has never been easier. Whether you’re creating ads, images for product detail pages or videos, our tools can help, and our Banner Builder is one of the easiest ways to get started.

That’s why leading brands like PepsiCo, Clorox, Newell, Revlon, Curation Foods, Ruiz Foods and many more have adopted our modular content approach and Banner Builder, among other tools,  to accelerate their e-commerce content creation workflows. Once setup, many brands are seeing content creation times that are five times faster or more than what they have experienced with existing approaches. You may be wondering how this is possible, and the answer is that it happens through a combination of new workflow approaches and adopting new toolsets that provide end to end functionality that everyone can use. That means designers can build out brand style guidelines and designs, while brand managers, account managers and marketing managers execute on the content creation, all the while knowing that all the creative they produce will adhere to both brand and retailer style guidelines.

We begin with your Brand Kit, where we can import your unique brand elements. That way, any content created using our platform always adheres to your brand standards. From there, we drop your existing marketing assets, such as product shots and videos into our e-commerce specific templates. In minutes, you’re creating content for all your different retailers, channels, and formats.

With tools like that, we’re confident that every brand can create the images and videos they need to engage shoppers, whether those shoppers are making purchase decisions at home or on the go.

So what did Rachel and Chris end up deciding between Farm Rich Cheese Sticks and State Fair Classic Corn Dogs? In the end it was very close and either product detail page could have come out the winner! Our experts evaluated the content on the page, the elements of the product images and product infographics, and the information available on those images and on the page. To find out which page was deemed the freshest, watch the segment with the CPG Guys to see what they decided!


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