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How IT’SRAPID is accelerating digital campaign, image, and video creation for eCommerce

The CPG Guys” podcast is where CPG eCommerce industry icon Sri Rajagopalan and consumer loyalty guru Peter V.S. Bond explore how brands and retailers understand and engage with their consumers in-store, online, and everywhere in between. 

Their recent episode featured David Feinleib, the founder of It’sRapid. 

David chats about how It’sRapid is helping top ecom brands significantly reduce the time to create banner ads, images, and videos across multiple channels from 4-5 weeks or more to 15 minutes. 

The hosts were thrilled with It’sRapid’s incredible acceleration in campaign creation time by compressing most of the steps from conception to launch. 

Here are the key highlights and takeaways from the episode for you.

The Inception of It’sRapid

Brands have huge growth opportunities today. Leveraging multiple social platforms, retailers, and D2C sites to tell your brand story using visual content or visual media is vital to building your brand presence, selling more, and converting more shoppers. 

If you’re growing your Ecom biz across multiple retailers, your campaign content must change per every retailer’s guidelines. It gets prohibitively expensive and time-consuming if you have many products and many channels.

PepsiCo, looking for a better campaign-building solution for its vast catalog of 23 brands, approached David for viable options. Listening to their needs and identifying bottlenecks in the campaign creation process, David saw an opportunity and a gap he could bridge and conceptualized It’sRapid.

What started out as a simple web tool for building eCommerce banners for a single retailer quickly evolved into a comprehensive digital content creation and workflow management tool.

IT’SRAPID now supports various digital media formats, including banners, PDP images, videos, email images, and even NFTs, across multiple retailers sites like Amazon, Instacart, Kroger, Target, Walmart, social media networks (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter), and direct to consumer sites.

Dave also shared that It’sRapid entered into a partnership with Instacart earlier this year and is certified as an Amazon Creative Services Partner. And It’sRapid is also expanding into the UK and Latin America. 

How Can It’sRapid Work For You?

Given the appetite for more visual content, rapidly changing market trends, and the need to expand operations across many retail channels, spending 3-4 weeks (and sometimes as long as 10 to 12 weeks) per content refresh or campaign is no longer sustainable. 

The market needs a creative and workflow toolset to personalize content creation at scale. 

It’sRapid steps right in to eliminate the bottlenecks and speed constraints in the old method, increasing your business ROI.

With It’sRapid:

  • Brand styles and retailer guidelines are embedded via themes and templates.
  • It’sRapid is a web-based tool. No need to install any software.
  • There’s integration with PIM and DAM content repositories on both the input and delivery sides.
  • Seamless collaboration across your design, marketing, and sales teams.
  • Content creation time dramatically decreases from 10-12 weeks to a few hours or even a few minutes.
  • Scaling across retailers, A/B testing, and seasonal campaign content creation is rapid and nearly effortless.
  • Extensive design experience is not required.. 

Learn how PepsiCo moved all NA efforts spread across multiple agencies to a small in-house team while designing visual media 10x faster and boosting CTRs by 82%.

It’sRapid currently offers a managed service, a self-serve portal, or a hybrid option. The goal is to make it easy and make it as fast as possible for you to go live and get value from the tool set. 

Visual content or visual media applies not only to large brands but also to small-medium brands. It’s an area where you can start with some will and some skill, but you don’t need a huge budget. So it’s such a great place to jump in, get going, and see what’s possible.” says David signing off.

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