How Sales & Marketing Can Customize E-Commerce Assets

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Fresh E-Commerce media assets are needed for on-site display ads, run of network ads, mobile hero images and rich media. You can make them in a variety of different creative tools. But unless you’re an experienced graphics designer, this takes a lot of time. Even then, without the right training, it’s nearly impossible to get right. You need to adhere to specific brand and retailer requirements for fonts, placement, and imagery. And if you’re a graphic designer, you’d much rather spend your time on creative work than adjusting text or swapping out image assets.

The great news, whether you’re in sales, marketing or graphic design, is that there is a better way. A way that saves time while producing pixel-perfect output. If you could freshen up your ad campaigns to drive a 10% or 20% increase in sales, what would you do with the extra revenue? Or, if you could save 5 or 10 hours a week on non-creative design time, what would you do with it?

Sales, Marketing and Creative

There is a reason there is a natural tension between sales/marketing and creative. Creative wants to ensure that the output of their work is pixel perfect and on-brand. Meanwhile, sales and marketing frequently want to try out different brand messages and run new promotions. This creates added work (and non-creative work at that) for creative. All the assets have to be re-created and re-reviewed, a process that is not a great use of time for either sales and marketing or creative.

Joining forces by splitting the work is a better strategy. With the right tools, creative can design templates and themes that are on-brand. Sales and marketing can choose from pre-defined themes and quickly adjust offers, messaging and images. Adherence to brand and retailer style guides is assured because the templates have positions, font selection, character count limits and other key elements pre-defined.

Design Tools

It’s hard to believe now, but some of today’s most popular design tools were originally invented more than 30 years ago. A lot has changed since then: the Internet, E-Commerce, and the average attention span, which has declined from 12 seconds in the year 2000 to just 8 seconds today. That means brands need more content, and need it to be refreshed faster than ever before.

These tools have evolved with new capabilities and new features. That means they can do a lot more. But it also means they’ve gotten more complex. That makes them less accessible to those without deep graphics design experience. Yet at the same time, the content needs of E-Commerce have grown considerably. Distributed account teams are managing more customers and larger customers. They need to scale content production faster and freshen media more often.

Collaboration Across Sales, Marketing and Creative

With the growing demands for new media output, creative, sales and marketing teams need more scalable ways to collaborate. Yet today it is more challenging than ever to collaborate with partners, teammates, and colleagues. That’s why having tools that enable teams to collaborate more effectively and efficiently is so important.

The right tools don’t just save time. They also break down silos and enable teams to work more closely together. Faster execution means more momentum and more opportunities to experiment and find what works with today’s consumers. Nowhere is that more important than in the incredibly competitive market of E-Commerce.

Not having to spend time finding on-brand background images, choosing approved fonts, and ensuring pixel-perfect alignment means you have more time available. More time to put together innovative designs if you’re a designer, and more time to iterate the correct offers, messaging and product mix if you’re in sales or marketing.

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