How PepsiCo Designs Visual Media 10X Faster and Boosts CTRs by up to 82% Using IT’SRAPID

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IT’SRAPID enables businesses to create effective, full-funnel campaigns rapidly with its ever-growing library of retailer-specific templates and Ad creatives.


Using IT’SRAPID, our design, e-commerce, sales, and marketing teams can collaborate and scale content creation like never before. Our creative production times have gone from 2 to 3 hours down to 2 – 3 minutes per asset, and creation time per campaign has gone from 4 – 5 weeks down to 15 minutes. At the same time, we’re able to experiment with more display ad variations, resulting in click-through rates improving by as much as 5X.”
– Jared Taitel, Director, E-Commerce Marketing & Merchandising, PepsiCo

About PepsiCo

ItsRapid Pepsico Brands logosPepsiCo is one of the world’s largest Food & Beverage brands. The company’s mission is to create joyful moments through delicious and nourishing products and unique brand experiences.


Using the IT’SRAPID approach, PepsiCo was able to achieve: 

Reduced Asset Creation Time From 2-3 Hours to 2-3 Minutes. Campaign creation time of 4 – 5 weeks down to 15 minutes. A 5x Increase in CTRs

With 23 brands and multiple retailer partnerships, PepsiCo needed a simple way to create more display and banner ads at scale and distribute them across their .com retailers.

Before using IT’SRAPID:

  • PepsiCo’s eCommerce, sales and design teams were overloaded with a content calendar that spanned many different ad types and retailers. 
  • The design process took 4-5 weeks on average per campaign, and it was difficult to coordinate across multiple groups. 
  • The design team did repetitive, low-value tasks by manually adjusting content to each retailer’s specifications.

This caused a reactive approach to content creation and limited their ability to be nimble and take advantage of the newest ad formats, and manage customer expectations.

Generating and Distributing Ad Content at Scale

In order to effectively create, collaborate, and distribute ad content at scale, PepsiCo recognized the need to integrate their teams with one tool that provided a library of ready-made retailer templates and Ad format libraries. 

IT’SRAPID, an eCommerce first platform, provided the solution PepsiCo needed with its rapidly expanding library of retailer-specific display banner, image and video templates.

Integrating PepsiCo’s Existing Product Information Management System

Globally, PepsiCo works with multiple PIM and DAM systems to house tens of thousands of images for their products. 

In order to streamline the creation of digital content, it was important for teams across PepsiCo to be able to access the product images to be used in display advertising campaigns and on-page imagery directly in IT’SRAPID.

To address this challenge, IT’SRAPID set up multiple content ingest integrations. This means that PepsiCo users have the latest product images available to them when creating banners and other display advertisements in the IT’SRAPID tool.

“Creating an easy-to-manage ad creation and delivery tool that requires no design skills is key. Once a user logs into IT’SRAPID, they are able to select the ad format they want to create and easily upload their content, formatting into a specific retailer and social media specifications with the click of a button. Pepsi’s ability to easily create high-quality ads and instantly deliver them to all of their retailers revolutionized their ad approach.”
–Timothy Bahn, Designer, PepsiCo

Optimized Campaign Content Creation At Scale With Incredible Results.

Using the IT’SRAPID platform, PepsiCo was able to:

  • Reduce the design process time from 4-5 weeks per campaign to 15 minutes.
  • Cut creative production time from 2 -3 hours to 2-3 minutes per asset.
  • Test different variations quickly and efficiently, resulting in a 5X improvement in display ad CTRs.
  • Help eCommerce, sales, and design teams seamlessly collaborate and scale content creation.
  • Move all North America creative efforts across all brands from various agencies to an in-house creative team. 

IT’SRAPID has been a game changer for us in the last year. We moved all North America creative efforts across all brands from various agencies to an in-house creative team of four, which is a milestone for us.  We’re able to utilize the IT’SRAPID automation and template libraries quickly to meet the changing digital ads and specs from Amazon, Instacart, Kroger, Walmart, and other retailers easily. IT’SRAPID is a great tool for our team to create e-Commerce assets across the many brands we support, for a variety of retailers.” – Timothy Bahn, Designer, PepsiCo

Looking Ahead

PepsiCo has a global deployment of the IT’SRAPID Creative Production Management platform in progress to achieve greater throughput in the US and across global markets.
PepsiCo also sees the potential to use IT’SRAPID for its Direct-to-Consumer sites and for creating media to be used in-store. 

As more and more retailers deploy their own Retail Media Networks, PepsiCo views IT’SRAPID as a key solution partner for scaling across all the required formats and specifications that each of Pepsi’s brands and retailers requires—all while ensuring the brand integrity and best-in-class content standards that PepsiCo is known for.

With tools to make every part of your ad design, collaboration, and delivery more efficient and effective, supercharging your visual media with IT’SRAPID is as easy as a single click of your mouse.

If You’re Ready to Grow Your Business Rapidly With Plug-and-Play Ad Templates (Of Any Retailer) at Your Fingertips, then Book A Demo Now.


“With IT’SRAPID, Pepsi is able to focus on more exciting projects and stay on the bleeding-edge of digital advertising across all owned and retail channels with display ads, shoppable video, images, and more.”
–Jared Taitel, Director, E-Commerce Marketing, PepsiCo



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