Handling Last Minute Ad Requests


Virtually every week, creative teams field last minute creative requests from sales and marketing. A partner needs a new banner or sales wants to try out a new offer. And as e-commerce continues to accelerate, the problem is sure to get worse.

Traditionally, handling such requests required sales and marketing to interrupt already over-worked creative teams to get such requests completed. Fortunately, sales and marketing can now handle last-minute ad requests directly! No need to interrupt busy creative teams with last-minute requests.

Quick & Easy Banner Creation

The way RapidAds works, it’s as easy as selecting your products for banners or Mobile Ready Hero Images, entering product names and headlines, and clicking Publish. No need to learn creative tools or have tons of design experience. RapidAds automatically figures out where to place the text and scales product images to the correct size. Have your banners or Mobile Ready Hero Images available in a matter of seconds, and quickly send them over to partners for use.

Partner Logins

With Partner Login support, you can provide limited access to partners/customers who want to create banners directly using your product images. Provide access to your entire library or just to specific categories. Partners can login and generate their own banners, export them, and start using them. You can optionally get notified of any newly created banners or Mobile Ready Hero Images.

With RapidAds, it’s much easier to move to a self-serve model for partner and last-minute creative requests. Creative teams manage the templates and process, while sales, marketing and partners are empowered to generate banners and Mobile Ready Hero Imags


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