Empowering Cross-Functional Success in E-Commerce

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It’s commonplace that different skill areas within an organization can butt heads – sales vs marketing, marketing vs creative, etc. Each area of expertise addresses problems from their own, unique perspective. Hypothetically all of this should be able to work together to drive a common objective. But we all know that’s not always how it works, especially when there are heightened demands for things to be better, smarter and move faster.

This has become a source of frustration for any E-Commerce team over the past year. Timelines and scope for creative teams have remained flat while sales teams look for ways to innovate E-Commerce creative and launch test and learns in new tactics – make it more personal, more dynamic, more targeted. The volume was over-whelming. Teams needed to find an efficient way to allow creative teams to maintain brand control while also empowering salespeople and marketers to rapidly feature new offers or new hero SKUs.

An industry-leading CPG took to the marketplace to find a solution. They needed a partner that could:

  • Reduce the number of manual steps required to produce creative
  • Offer flexible template creation to make it easy to adhere to style guide requirements
  • Support multiple retailers
  • Deliver media assets directly to retailers
  • Integrate with existing PIM/DAM systems for access to product imagery

When the CPG found this solution did not exist, they sought a partner who could develop the solution with them.

This is how RapidAds came to be. RapidAds was able to deliver on all of the above challenges and more. The dynamic platform directly integrated with the CPG’s product catalog to upload product information. Sales and marketing teams in the organization can now easily and directly access thousands of product images, allowing for quick and painless updates if there are new offers or out-of-stock issues on certain products. Designers no longer have to worry about retailer-specific specs since these are all pre-loaded to the platform. They can instead keep their focus on creative look and feel, seasonal relevancy, creative template creation, etc. Creative updates that previously took 2-4 weeks can now be completed in minutes!

Having the ability to quickly update and optimize creative not only ensures media freshness and relevancy for the consumer, but also frees up time internally across all teams, shifting focus back to industry and customer demands.

The RapidAds Creative Management platform is an E-Commerce-first platform and built from a cross-functional business perspective, which empowers whole organizations, not just creative teams. The Case Study for the example above can be found here and RapidAds continues to drive similar results for each of its clients.

Contact us to see how you can drive similar efficiencies within your own organization!


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