Create Great Looking Product Images for Virtual Bundles

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Amazon Virtual Bundles have been a big hit with sellers. Virtual Bundles let you combine two to five products together into a new listing sold as one product. That means you can create differentiated pricing for your Amazon listings compared with similar products on other web sites. It also means additional opportunities to rank in search results, because virtual bundles come with their own title, description and bullet points.

Give Your Virtual Bundles Their Own Product Images

A new listing also means an opportunity (and necessity) for additional product images and videos. While Amazon will auto-generate a bundle image by placing the images from the component products making up the bundle together in one image, the results can be hit and miss. However, if you want to create your own bundle image, it means opening up Photoshop, adjusting the backgrounds of your existing product images, and taking the time to lay them out properly. Not a big deal for one bundle–but if you’re creating a few dozen or even hundreds of bundles, creating virtual bundle product images by hand one at a time is extremely time-consuming.

Fortunately you can use tools like RapidAds to quickly create great looking virtual bundle product images via easy-to-use templates. And because RapidAds integrates with major Product Information Management (PIM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems, all of your existing product images are readily available for you to use. RapidAds can also pull in product images from the web when you provide the corresponding image URLs.

Differentiate Your Product Offerings With Virtual Bundles

Virtual Bundles are a great opportunity for online sellers. They don’t require any additional inventory or special packaging. The great thing about them being virtual is that they leverage your existing products, and automatically determine the remaining inventory available based on whichever product in the bundle has the least inventory available. Virtual bundles also mean you can create differentiated product and price offerings across multiple e-commerce web site with a few clicks, rather than the heavy lifting required to create an entirely new packaged product. The largest benefit may simply be the opportunity for an additional product listing for every virtual bundle you create. Given that, it makes sense to create differentiated product images for your virtual bundles.


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