Asset Variation through Video Content

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The New Year is closer than we think and your team is planning your high-level 2022 E-Commerce creative strategy (among 1,000 other things). Part of this conversation is going to be about creative needs. You may consider what you’ve done in the past and the easy decision may be to rinse and repeat. Before you make that decision and call it a day, consider everything that has changed over the past year or so. You probably have a bigger team, larger budget, more eyes on you from a leadership team. Maybe it’s time to re-vamp your creative approach.

Over 2020 and 2021, E-Commerce was not the only industry that experienced unprecedented growth. So too did the social media industry. With the rise of TikTok, nearing Snapchat’s userbase and making Facebook sweat, short-form video content has never been more important. Facebook has gone so far as developing a copycat version of TikTok’s short-form videos – Reels, launched in August 2020 – and changing its investment strategy to support these. All that is to say, short-form video is not just important for use within social media, but across all digital media platforms.

It’s possible video has never been on the table for your E-Commerce media plans. Maybe that is a result of something out of your control like retail site capabilities. Maybe it’s because your team never had the resources to develop video content. How do you introduce video content into your plans so that it makes sense with everything else you plan to activate and in a cost-effective way? These might be some important things to consider:

  • Re-purposing existing display content
  • Editing needs:
    • Swapping hero items when necessary pending inventory constraints
    • Updating messaging based on tentpoles or seasonality

All of this is possible with RapidAds Video Design and Production platform. With the option to start with a pre-loaded template and easily manipulate screen by screen, you now have the power to always have high quality, up-to-date videos that fit the needs of your business. When a video requires an edit, there is no longer a need for weeks of delays and outrageous price tags. Contact RapidAds to become an early adopter of short-form video within E-Commerce!


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