3 Key Benefits of a Modular Approach to Content

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Taking a modular approach to content means you can repurpose your existing marketing assets to create new images, videos and display ads in no time. IT’SRAPID recently published a comparison of our unique modular content approach with traditional services models for content creation. At IT’SRAPID, we’re pioneering a new modular approach to content creation, where virtually any marketing asset you have can be reused or repurposed into a new format, size or channel.

What are the benefits of a modular content approach?

With modular content, almost any element of content you produce can be updated, revised or replaced with just a few clicks–or as we’ll talk about below, through full automation via our Headless Content Automation solution. Let’s take the example of a display ad for glasses. Suppose the ad consists of the headline, the image of the glasses a background color and CTA. With a traditional services approach, you would write up an initial brief, send that off via email, and then your agency would create the content for you and send you your files back– so far so good. Unfortunately, however, your agency’s files are typically stored in a complex layered file format that’s hard to access except with complex design tools and many years experience in design. What’s more, what happens when you want to…

  • Make a few changes to the content, but need them the same day?
  • Swap in a different product image across all the ad asset sizes?
  • A/B test different variations of the same assets to see which performs the best?
  • Create a seasonal or occasion-based version of the content without incurring additional cost
  • Reuse existing designs but only have the flat-files (JPG or PNG) your agency provided you with?

These challenges and more make it a necessity to work with a creative partner that can provide the managed services you expect, the ability for you to login and make changes yourself, and download both original and finished assets anytime you need them.

#1 Benefit: Repurpose and reuse marketing assets you already have.

Most companies are not putting all of their marketing assets to full use. Dozens if not hundreds of product and lifestyle images are in your digital library or on your computer–but not being put to good use. Imagine if you could repurpose those assets into new lifestyle shots, seasonally refreshed images for product detail pages, top of funnel display ads, and even videos that would engage shoppers and drive higher conversion rates. Fortunately, with a modular approach to content creation, you can put all those existing assets to work right away.

#2 Benefit: Refresh images, videos and ads in minutes.

The second benefit of a modular content approach is the ability to refresh the new content you’re creating. Suppose you create a video that you love–but then want to swap in a different product image or headline? With traditional tools and approaches, that would require hours of work from a skilled designer using complex design and video animation tools. But with our Video Builder, you can update that video in minutes, if not seconds. Simply use our bulk update feature to update product images, backgrounds and headline text across multiple scenes with the click of a button.

#3 Benefit: The services you know with the self-service access you need.

At IT’SRAPID, we built our own Content Management Platform and Design Studio that our team uses every day to build images and videos for product detail pages, display ads and more. We designed our platform with hundreds of time-saving shortcuts that accelerate the process of creating content, while giving you the creative control you need. Sophisticated features like customizable shadow effects, skew effects, mirroring effects and more are all available in the platform. Bulk updates are easy–whether across images in a group or scenes in a video. And our video-storyboarding tool makes it possible to go from storyboard to finished video in seconds. Our online proofing features mean you can build image and video creative and get feedback on it with an easy to use commenting and approval interface.

Best of all, all of these capabilities are available directly to our brand and agency customers and partners. Anytime you want to make a quick change, swap in a new background, choose a new product image or make other updates–just login and make the change (or ask our team to do it for you). The great thing about this web-based, platform approach is that our team and your team can access all your content and all your creative deliverables anytime, from anywhere.

Need more reasons to make the switch to a modular content approach? Check out our helpful comparison guide to learn more!


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