Why Your Creative Team Is Overloaded And What To Do About It

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If your creative team is anything like most creative teams today, they’re swamped. The volume of incoming creative requests has never been more daunting. And it’s no wonder since consumers are spending more time–and more of their hard earned dollars–online.

These days, creative requests come in many different forms, from blog updates to email graphics, from banner ads to new brand campaigns. Creative Automation can help your team manage the load by automating repetitive tasks and empowering marketers and salespeople throughout your organization.

Templates are an important component of creative automation. Design teams can gain huge leverage by building templates, which sales and marketing teams can then populate. Templates hold spaces for text, images, backgrounds, shapes and buttons. Users can quickly and easily populate these fields. Product names and pricing are easy to enter, for example. They can also choose from pre-defined shapes and positions, like squares and rectangles that are pre-designed to look great in a given template.

Project History
An enterprise-grade Creative Automation solution maintains a history of creative production. Users can save their own projects as drafts and then publish to their teams so that team members can download, publish to external partners, and revise (if needed) existing project materials. No more hunting and searching for last month’s project or last fall’s holiday promotions. A great Creative Automation solution makes it easy to find existing products, with search support across product IDs like UPCs and GTINs, brand names, product names or even user-supplied keywords or tags.

Creative Automation systems like RapidAds generate banners and other media directly. So they can easily keep track of which products are being showcased the most, and the least, in creative campaigns. From there they can provide insights to let you know which products could benefit from increased visibility in future campaigns. These systems can also keep track of the most popular banner headlines, so users can get ideas or pick from existing text when designing new creative.

With Creative Automation, your design team can set the standards, gain insights, and improve collaboration, all while empowering your users to help your organization scale.

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