Why Graphics and Videos are The Keys to eCommerce


There are many different facets to running a successful eCommerce business. From creating a user-friendly design to building a strong brand identity, you want to craft a business that promotes a sense of freedom and achievement. And with retail eCommerce sales reaching nearly five trillion worldwide in 2021 – there’s never been a better time to start an eCommerce business. When done right, eCommerce can create mass amounts of revenue, but not without a confident brand marketing strategy. Today, customers aren’t dependent on content or word-of-mouth when spending their hard-earned money on a product or service. Now they rely on graphics, videos, and reviews from several different platforms.

Whether you’re building a marketing campaign or setting up your eCommerce store, graphics and videos are proven selling points that can make all the difference in the buyer journey. From spreading information to selling and promoting products and services, visuals have an impressive influence on people. As it turns out, 90% of all information that gets transmitted to the brain is visual. Furthermore, those visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text. In turn, visual content drives engagement while expressing a company’s credibility and inspiring sales. Interested in learning more? Below we discuss exactly why graphics and videos are paramount to the success of an eCommerce business.

Here’s How Graphics and Videos Can Up Your eCommerce Game

An eCommerce store needs to be able to connect with customers on a real level to achieve success. Brick and mortar stores have a massive advantage over eCommerce stores in terms of visual elements because there’s no gap between the customer and the physical product. While you can’t provide an in-person shopping experience, you can provide interactive content that replicates the feeling. Read on below to discover how visuals can revolutionize the way your eCommerce store does business.

Build Trust

The way in which customers bond with a brand isn’t much different from the way they connect with other people. When it comes to trust, we tend to trust those who are knowledgeable and seem to “get us”. When attempting to trust a company, the same principles apply – people tend to trust businesses that stand out as experts in their field, often feeling invested in a company’s message or beliefs. While not every company is able to generate trust in this way, it is especially difficult for eCommerce brands because they don’t have faces to represent them. That’s where video content comes in. Using various types of video content, eCommerce companies can overcome these challenges and form a real connection with current and potential customers.

Reinforce Branding

Did you know that brand imagery can actually help build your reputation? Utilizing successful brand imagery not only builds customer loyalty, but this loyalty extends beyond purchasing your products because of their price or recognizable logo—they buy your products because they appreciate the values behind them.

Create Conversions

People are often apprehensive about buying products without seeing them. Typically, they’d prefer to touch it, hold it, and even try it out. When operating an eCommerce business, you have to work twice as hard to bring your products to life. Using high-quality photography and graphics, customers are able to engage and interact, ultimately increasing conversions.

Provide Social Proof

When it comes to marketing, science plays a key role—especially the science of psychology. Social proof is the psychological phenomenon of people assuming the actions of others to try and reflect the right behavior for any given situation. Many times, when we find ourselves in situations where we’re uncertain about what to do, we assume those around us (experts, celebrities, and friends) have more knowledge about what should be done. To create social proof for your brand, sharing customer testimonials with pictures and videos can provide social proof and motivate consumers to buy.

Video is Shaping Up to Be the Wave of The Future

The future of eCommerce rests in the hands of shoppable video content. As streaming wars continue raging, with content creators churning out enough content to last a lifetime, brands must bring content and commerce together in a seamless and interactive viewing environment. Using shoppable video, eCommerce brands can meet consumers where they are, unlocking valuable user data, and empowering brand connection with consumers through meaningful interactions.

Traversing the eCommerce World with Quality Video and Graphics

With the eCommerce world booming more than ever, there’s tons of competition in every industry. In order to stand out, visual content is a must for improving the user experience and boosting conversions. With a strong branding strategy that incorporates interactive visuals, your business can stand out and get ahead of the curve, building an unshakeable foundation on which consumers can depend. Remember, a successful brand is all about trust and loyalty – two things you cannot achieve without the use of powerful imagery. With the help of companies like ITSRAPID, it’s easy to do just that. Get started using our creative production tools—find out more today!


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