Introducing the It’sRapid Sell Sheet Builder for Salsify

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Customers have been asking for an easy way to turn their data in Salsify into Sell Sheets. That’s why we’re excited to announce the It’sRapid Sell Sheet Builder for Salsify. Now you can convert your product data and images into Sell Sheets in just a few clicks. 

Sell Sheet Benefits

Sell sheets are typically one-page documents that highlight product features and benefits. They can include category insights as well as information about a specific product, along with one or more product images. They’re great for both digital and print use.

Sell Sheets built using It’sRapid:

  • Provide key product selling information for customer meetings
  • Are great for introducing new products
  • Can be easily customized for your brand look and feel
  • Can incorporate category insights in addition to product specific information
  • Are easy to download in PDF format for use in digital and print marketing

Historically, sell sheets have been time-consuming to create but now they’re fast and easy to make with the It’sRapid Sell Sheet Builder for Salsify! 

How It Works

The It’sRapid Sell Sheet Builder creates product-specific sell sheets based on Salsify feed data. This allows you to create multiple sell sheets with ease. We’re also introducing a Salsify Workflow solution that can be run directly from within the Salsify interface. 

Once a Sell Sheet is created, it can easily be downloaded again in the future, or made available via a link that’s easy to share in email. And our built-in PDF exports mean you can send your sell sheet as an attachment, or print it to use during customer meetings or as a leave-behind. 

What’s more, with our support for brand style guidelines, the It’sRapid platform knows which logo, fonts and colors to use when generating a sell sheet for a given brand. That means your Sell Sheets can not only highlight key product features but also be tailored to the brand that product belongs to for a marketing experience aligned with your brand.

As you add more products to your Salsify catalog, simply create new Sell Sheets–with brand elements already set up and ready to go, creating product-specific, on-brand Sell Sheets has never been easier.

Mr Coffee Sell SheetPatron Silver Sell Sheet

Get Started With The It’sRapid Sell Sheet Builder for Salsify Today!

It’sRapid is proud to be a Salsify technology partner, and that partnership gives us the experience, knowledge and know-how to support you at every step of your digital shelf journey. So whether you’re creating one sell sheet or hundreds, we’d love to help you. Please book at a time to connect with us here.


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