Remove The Background of Your Product Photos

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Great product photos are key to successful social media campaigns. They’re also crucial for display advertising, such as online banner ads. But most product photos come with solid backgrounds. That makes it hard to overlay them on top of new backgrounds or to overlap multiple products together. A solid background will block out whatever is behind it. The key is to change the solid background for existing products to transparent. That typically requires a designed to load up the product image in a photo editing tool such as Photoshop, and update the background.

For a handful of images, that’s not too hard to do. But for thousands, hundreds, even dozens of images, it can be incredibly time consuming. That’s especially true for more complex images where the edges of the products are not well-defined. For example, cereal box images that have parts of the image that are the same color as the overall background color of the image can be very challenging to get right. Often, tools will convert not only the background to transparent, but portions of the product image to transparent as well! That means another underlying product or a background image or color will show through, making the product image unusable.

Fortunately, RapidAds makes it easy to apply transparent backgrounds to your product photos. Whether it’s just a few photos for a one-time campaign or an entire product image library consisting of tens of thousands of product photos, we’ve got you covered. Simply upload your product photos and RapidAds will convert them to have transparent backgrounds. And because we specialize in the creation of banner ads and social media images, our platform is specially designed to handle even the most challenging product-transparency use cases.

So why spend more time manually and painstakingly removing the backgrounds from your product images when we can take care of it for you? To find out more simply drop us a line and we’ll get started right away on removing the backgrounds from your product photos. That way you can get to the real creative of designing and creating new display ad and social media content for your brand.

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