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Go storyboarding in minutes.

 Creating videos for your eCommerce store just got easier. 

 The ITSRAPID video storyboard is a handy tool that lets you design interactive storyboards for videos.

 Once you’ve got all the scenes ready, just plug them into the ITSRAPID video creator, and your video is ready to share.

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Why Storyboard your Videos?

Using only image Ads won’t cut it anymore. Videos are now a requisite for your eCommerce products to earn clicks and conversions.

 Storyboarding helps you plan video creation before and reduces the number of edits to get that perfect video.

 How can ITSRAPID Storyboard creator help you create impactful videos for your ecom biz?

  1. Create Ad-Story Ideas
    Storyboards help you ideate, brainstorm, test, and see what sticks. Try to
  • Bring in different angles or perspectives. 
  • Add variations to vibe with different audiences. 
  • Design Ads that portray different emotions.

2. Define Video Scenes Order

ITSRAPID storyboards are interactive, which means you can,

  • Easily re-order scene sequences.
  • Squeeze in new boards anywhere.
  • Delete scenes. 

3. Prep the Assets

Optimize placement of the hero image, assets, graphic elements, and text beforehand to create stunning visuals.

 You can scrap or swap things out before making the final cut, saving you a lot of time and effort. 

 4. Create A Variety of Videos

Create just any and every type of video in a snap. Ecommerce businesses need How To Videos, Testimonial Videos, Brand Videos, and Videos for Seasonal Promotions and Special Events.

With ITSRAPID’s video creator that has built-in retailer-specific templates, you can create powerful videos in minutes. Select the ones you need and add them to the storyboard to get going.

5. Collaborate with Your Team 

Share the storyboard and proofsheets among your design, marketing, and sales teams for review, edits, and comments, which means fewer re-works, faster delivery, and lower costs. 

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