Empowering Sales and Marketing Teams With Self-Serve Ad Creative

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Each year, brands spend billions of dollars on creative. Web sites, logos, branding and display ads all take time and cost money. Historically, the most time consuming parts of the process are often not the most creative.

In the case of display ads, for example, the process often starts with a design brief. Once designers get started on a project, they need to spend time tracking down product images, sizing them correctly, and getting the fonts, backgrounds, and other design elements all correct before sending back to marketing for review. In cases where marketing has feedback or changes need to be made, the process must run again, with the designers receiving change requests, overloading workdays that are already extremely busy. Even small changes such as a tweak to text or an update to a background image require design time.

Fortunately, the latest creative automation tools enable sales and marketing teams to self-serve for much of the display ad creative process. With creative automation tools, marketing and sales teams can generate creative based on templates that design teams or customers provide. They can take direct control of many parts of the process including:

  • Designing promotions
  • Identifying products to showcase
  • Creating promotions for specific events
  • Testing multiple versions of copy to see what performs best
  • Enabling team members to preview creative in minutes instead of months
  • Revising creative as needed
  • Delivering creative to customers and other partners

This self-serve approach means teams can try a greater variety of creative all the while investing scarce design resources where they are most needed. Creative automation means teams can try out new ideas fast and make changes and revisions equally fast.

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