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When it comes to creating display ads, one of the most time consuming aspects is making updates across a series of templates required for a campaign.

Bulk updates. Unlike our banner builder tool, most existing tools are not designed for viewing and making updates to more than one display at at once. Users often need this capability when they need to create multiple size templates for a campaign. Each of the sizes shares the same text, images and call to action, so it makes sense to have a bulk update feature that will make updating the text and graphics across all the different sizes quick and easy. Another case where bulk update is helpful is when handling the iterations that are a normal part of the creative development process. For example, when new headlines are created or one product image needs to be swapped out for another. Bulk update capabilities are also great for seasonal and event based marketing updates. In this case, you’ve got a set of designs that you like, but want to update the background image or copy for an upcoming holiday or event. Rather than having to make edits to each template individually, you can update the full set with just one click.

Attribute-specific updating. What makes our bulk update capabilities even more compelling is the ability to bulk update specific attributes. When it comes to text, you can update the text only, or text color, font and font size. For images, you can update just the image while keeping the size fixed in each of the related templates; or update the size as well. And, image updates can be applied to any image type in a template–from product images to background images, icons, overlays and more.

Group view. To go along with bulk updates, another capability that is helpful is the ability to see all related templates displayed together in a group. Unlike with traditional tools, where each image needs to be opened, viewed and edited separately, tools like our banner builder display all the templates for a group or campaign together in a group view. That way you can view everything easily, all at once, rather than having to deal with individual files, one at a time.

Bulk proofing. But no bulk update capability would be complete without the ability to receive feedback on all template designs in a group at once, rather than on each template one at a time. With our built-in proof generation and commenting capabilities, you can also easily share a proof page containing all the template designs for a group, and then users can comment on any template within the group while looking at the shared proof page. Online proofing includes built-in notifications. So once a user adds a comment or drops a pin noting a change that needs to be made, the template creator will be notified via email that a user has left a comment or suggestion. That makes it easy to build banners using the banner builder, and get feedback without having to go through a separate, cumbersome process.

So when looking for a banner building toolset that will speed up the time it takes to build banner ads, it’s key to look for the following capabilities:

  • Bulk update capabilities that support image and text specific updates
  • Attribute specific update support, so you can adjust specific aspects of text and images while performing bulk updates
  • Group views, which make it easy to see all the templates that belong to a group at once
  • Bulk proofing support, which enables you to share a group of templates as a group in a single proof page, so that your colleagues and partners can comment on all the templates in the group at once

These bulk update capabilities, combined with a state-of-the-art toolset for creative design and editing makes it possible to create and update display ads faster than ever before. Best of all, no design experience is required. The It’sRapid system also comes with pre-made templates fort virtually every retailer and social media network, which means you don’t need to keep track of changing retailer and social media display requirements. When you consider that some retailers require 10 or more templates for a campaign, all of these features put together add up to a workflow and toolset that will really streamline your creative development process.

Once you have a faster creative development process in place, you can get to more sales opportunities, for more occasions and across more channels. What’s more, with the additional time you have available, you’ll be able to A/B test multiple versions of your creative, which typically results in increased click-through-rates and ad performance. So get started with our bulk update capabilities for display ads today, and start saving time and improving ad performance right away.


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