Customized Display Campaigns For All Your Retailers

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Like many brands, you may have dedicated customer teams for your largest customers/retailer partners. That means dedicated personnel to call on and support your highest volume / highest revenue customers. These teams not only call on your customers, but also work with those customers to create customized digital and in-store display campaigns. But what about the rest of your customer base?

If time and resources were not an issue, you’d want to customize your display campaigns for every retail partner you have. After all, each retailer has custom branding requirements. The more you can adhere to those requirements, the more successful your campaigns and partnership will be.

The challenge is finding the time and resources to build customized display ads for each retailer. The good news is that with RapidAds, you can easily customize display campaigns for any number of retailers. RapidAds enables a self-serve display creation process that’s easily accessible to busy marketing, sales and account management teams. No design experience is required.

RapidAds comes with pre-built templates for many retailers. Simply select your product images and enter your headline text, and RapidAds will generate your display ads for you. That means you can quickly and easily build customized campaigns for virtually any retail partner. The templates ensure that the output you produce adheres to each retailer’s requirements. That means a lot less back and forth, redo’s, and updates are required to get your banners live.

This innovative self-serve model means that your customer teams are more empowered than ever before, and it frees up your creative teams and agencies to focus on creative.

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