Creating Winning Banners for AmazonFresh

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Online grocery is taking off. Shoppers that were previously hesitant to do so are moving online in droves. The $780B food and beverage market is up for grabs. As a result, brands have a huge opportunity to be front and center with online shoppers on sites like AmazonFresh.

The Challenge

Creating banners for these sites is difficult and time-consuming. Requirements are complex, with specific fonts, colors, and product placements to which brands must adhere.

The Rapid Ads platform was created to address this challenge. It automates the process of creating e-commerce banner ads. It streamlines what has historically been a multi-hour process requiring detailed knowledge of Photoshop. And for brand managers, marketing and sales teams, it opens up the possibility of becoming self-serve when creating banner ads for major e-commerce sites. 



AmazonFresh continues to grow. Let’s take a look at some of the key requirements for getting banners live on AmazonFresh.

First, Storefront and Category Page co-op heroes must be created in a standard size of 1460 wide x 300 pixels high. The maximum file size is 120 KB. Copy should be a maximum of 40 characters and extend to no more than three lines. 

Text for the banners can come in four different formats:

  • Headline type – The main text, such as, “Summer fun!”
  • Subheadline type
  • “NEW” type – used for new products and discounts
  • Legal type – used for legal info, terms and conditions

Each copy style above must adhere to the correct font, sizing, and placement for the style. 

Brands can also choose background colors and circles, with top, bottom and center circles as options:

Amazon Fresh Headline Bottom Circle

Amazon Fresh Banner Top Circle

AmazonFresh Headline Center

Product Sizing & Placement

Once the appropriate design is selected, the designer typically needs to find and place the product images on the banner. Here there are several challenges. First, tracking down the products is often tedious. Are they in a DAM? Or in a desktop folder somewhere?

Many product images, regardless of their physical dimensions, come in the same digital size, such as 3000 x 3000 pixels. Such images need to be resized to fit on the banner. But if they are resized based on their digital dimensions, the images won’t look right relative to each other. 

Placed next to each other on a banner ad, for example, a can of soda would look as big as a family size bag of chips! And a tent would look as small as a soccer ball.

Such images need to be resized based on their physical dimensions, a time consuming, and potentially error-prone process.

Fortunately, most brands have the physical dimensions of their products available. Rapid Ads uses these dimensions to resize products to their correct relative sizes automatically. So a process that previously would have taken hours can now be accomplished in under a minute. 


Accelerate Your ECommerce Banner Creation

With a much faster and easier to use process for generating banners, it’s possible to create many more variations of banners with different wording, backgrounds, and layouts for AmazonFresh. You can easily keep your banners updated by swapping in different products in seconds. Plus, creating banners for Back to School, Thanksgiving, and other special events can be accomplished with just a few clicks. 


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