Create Picture Perfect Images With The ITSRAPID Image Crop Tool

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Are the Images in your Ads telling the right story?

Images can make or break an Ad campaign. Images must trigger the emotions you’re trying to bring up about the product. It must also speak the language of your brand and echo your brand’s ethos.

When designing banners, infographics or Ad campaigns, cropping and re-sizing images to the right sizes is critical. Images also require a lot of testing in placement and sizing to create compelling hero images and product catalog images that draw in buyers. 

The  ITSRAPID crop image tool is as simple as it can get. Crop, resize, flip, rotate and download images in all the sizes you need for different use cases. All with zero compromises on image quality.

The best part? It’s online, and it’s free.

Well, using the raw source image in Ad campaigns or banners is never a good idea. Here’s why.

  1. Using full-size images may slow your website down and turn away potential visitors.
  2. The viewers often lose focus on the message and product if the image has a lot of distractions.
  3. A raw image often lacks the depth and professional feel of a cropped and right-sized image.

How do you make your images pop out?

The Rule of Thirds

This simple principle makes clever use of the focus points of an image where the human eye falls naturally–from left to right and then from top and bottom to create visually pleasing images. How?

  • Divide the image into three equal parts, horizontally and vertically. 
  • Place your hero image at any intersections of the horizontal and vertical lines.
    That’s where the important elements of the image should lie,
  • It also creates a sort of asymmetrical balance that contrasts rather than complements the elements in the picture.

Create Symmetry

One half of the image mirrors the other half in symmetrical images. In any image, the symmetry of products with each other brings a natural image balance. People are drawn toward symmetry as it seems like a complete picture.

A recent study says that if your logo matches your company’s personality, it’s more likely to succeed. For instance, if your brand must trigger excitement, use asymmetry; else use symmetry. 

Consider these two logos, for instance,

symmetrical and asymmetrical logo


Match Images with Ad Formats

Selecting the right image is one thing; you’ll still have to crop it and size it to a specific Ad format. Otherwise, it will look out of place and out of shape.

Be it a banner ad, a product detail page (PDP), or a social media Ad, image placement using well-cropped images can boost engagement and result in better conversion rates.

The ITSRAPID crop image tool can help you crop, scale, resize, and flip images to fit the right-sized image in your banner, infographics or any website element. 

Try it now

Like how editing is synonymous with content, the same holds true for images. “A picture is worth a thousand words!”

As a web designer or an E-Store owner, we get how busy your day can get. From adding new products, creating new offers, lining up new offers, to updating older product offers, the tasks are really endless. Our tools are here to help.

Want to create campaigns with images that evoke interest and intrigue? Then add a little tech magic and breathe easy. 

Take a peek at ITSRAPID’s huge library of banner, image, and video templates that you can directly use across retailer platforms. Learn more


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