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We all know E-Commerce has evolved. Across the globe, people shifted their mentality about what it looks like to shop. Businesses traded brick and mortar storefronts for digital ones. Consumers learned new ways to ‘Add to Cart’ and shopping will never look the same.

E-Commerce marketers now need to follow suit. The core objective remains the same – capture the attention of a shopper to make them a purchaser. But the strategy involved and the tactics deployed must evolve. Now is the time for marketers to test new ways of capturing a shopper’s attention.

Enter content marketing for E-Commerce.

Consider trading out that recipe-inspiring end cap for custom recipe video content. Instead of in-store demos, develop visually appealing graphics. The key though, is not to make content for the sake of having content. It must have a purpose. Follow these strategic guidelines below for impactful E-Commerce content.

Make It Engaging

A 2019 study done by Microsoft found that the human attention span has dropped to just 8 seconds. With new and evolving short-form video platforms like Instagram Stories and TikTok, who knows where we’re at now? Given this, first impressions are everything when it comes to content marketing.

In the world of E-Commerce, there is no better way to grab someone’s attention than with a product offer. For display banners, put that offer in bold letters with a contrasting background. If you’re developing a video asset, make sure the offer is present in second 0. If you don’t have an offer, put yourself in the shoes of the consumer. They’re not looking for a product, they’re looking for a solution. How do you become that solution?

Make It Shoppable

Sticking with the attention span theme, you’re going to want the purchase journey from your content to be as short and simple as possible. Include a call to action somewhere within the content. It doesn’t matter if it’s a button, a swipe up link or a tag so long as it’s clickable and it takes the consumer straight to the purchase page. If a page in between the click and the purchase page is absolutely necessary, make it simple and, if possible, pre-populated.

Keep It Fresh

Make sure your content is relevant to the time of year. Is there a holiday coming up? It’s likely that your shopper is looking for ways to celebrate. So your content should celebrate with them and provide holiday guidance or inspiration. Do you have a coupon to offer? Promote it! Then when the offer period is over, make sure it’s not promoted anymore.

Know Your Audience

Nowadays there is endless content for all types of preferences. We are overloaded with videos and articles that speak directly to us and it’s now an expectation for marketers to create the same kind of individualized content.

Luckily, there are many ways to do this in E-Commerce and RapidAds can help! Promote multiple creative versions so each unique buyer audience is exposed to ads featuring items that speak to their unique preference. Reach out and we’ll help you plan your individualized marketing strategy!


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