Benefits of Generative AI For Visual Content Creation


Generative AI is taking the world by storm, with one of the most well-known offerings being ChatGPT. That’s why we’ve incorporated ChatGPT capabilities into It’sRapid tools like our Banner Builder, to accelerate a variety of content creation scenarios. These range from product description to ad headlines to image creation. And we’ve built these integrations in such a way that you can incorporate as much or as little automation and AI support as you like into your content creation process. In this post we’ll explore these capabilities in more detail and discuss how brands can benefit from generative AI:

1. Banner Headlines. If you’ve ever been searching for the right words for a display banner headline but been at a loss as to what to write, our text generation support has you covered. Start with the built-in template libraries that are already part of our leading edge Banner Builder, and simply type in a query or request of your choice. For example, if you’re looking for a compelling headline for a display ad campaign for glasses, you can type in: “3 word headline for glasses” and get back a number of headline suggestions. Via our automated template support, that headline can be carried over to all the banners, images and videos in a campaign with just the click of a button.

2. A/B Testing. Ever wanted to know what headline would perform the best–but don’t have the time or creative resources to build out all the templates, sizes and variations required? No problem. With our automation support, you can feed in a simple text file or spreadsheet with a list of products, and get a variety of banners auto generated from the feed you provided. We integrate your brand kit so all of the outputs adhere to your brand colors, fonts and logos. Then with the use of Generative AI, we generate potential headlines for your banners, for the products you provided. We can even adjust background colors and images, while ensuring that they’re chosen from your brand kit so all outputs stay on-brand. This enables you to A/B test a large number of potential headlines, offers, images and colors to see what performs best in your ad creative.

3. Content Refreshes. Another exciting aspect of generative AI is that it makes content refreshes easier than ever before. While brands have historically taken an annual or every few years approach to content updating, with generative AI it is now possible to update banners, product descriptions and images monthly or quarterly. This means that content can stay fresh and engaging all year round. Whether it’s refreshing headlines and background images to be relevant for the occasion or season, or rewriting product titles and descriptions, generative AI makes content refreshes faster and more cost-effective than ever before.

You may be wondering–what’s changed about the software or algorithms to make all this possible. The answer is that algorithmic approaches to content creation have been explored for many years. But it wasn’t until recently that the language models became large enough to understand the inputs (“Write a headline for summer that highlights the benefits of product XYZ in 5 words or less” and generate the outputs. Based on training text processing models on incredibly large sets of data, computers are now able to understand and generate text and image outputs with unprecedented speed and quality. By integrating these capabilities with our banner builder, video creator, and other tools, we’re able to bring these generative AI capabilities to you in an easy to access way that makes it useful across all the products in your catalog. With generative AI capabilities built in to It’sRapid, you can now create high quality banners, product tiles and videos faster than ever before. So whether it’s trying out new banner headlines, A/B testing variations of product tiles, banners or videos, or performing content refreshes, generative AI, combined with our templates and brand kit support makes it fast and easy to scale your content creation efforts.

Of course, It’sRapid enables you to incorporate automation and AI at the level you would like in the content creation process, from fully creating content yourself with some suggestions from the AI integration, to feed-based automated content creation for mobile ready hero images, display ads and more. Plus, with our built-in review tools, you can proof and edit images, videos and ads. Contact us today to find out more and we’ll be glad to review your content, product catalog and existing content strategy to see where we can help streamline and scale your content creation approach.


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