Benefits of Dynamic Creative Automation for E-Commerce

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As design teams continue to field ever more requests, they’re looking for innovative ways to address the speed and agility requirements that today’s rapidly moving market demands. Dynamic Creative Automation can help your team with this challenge in three key ways:

1. Speed & Agility

Dynamic Creative Automation enables creative teams to be more nimble and iterative, requirements for operating in today’s e-commerce environment. DCA enables teams to:

  • Take advantage of in-house flexibility, trying out different approaches in a matter of minutes or seconds
  • Produce MVP design output that can be quickly reviewed by colleagues in sales and marketing, and quickly iterated on
  • Deliver Fast Previews to marketing and sales, supporting an iterative and customer-focused design process

2. Accessible to Non-Designers

DCA gives creative teams design control while empowering other stakeholders. With DCA, creative teams can design the templates and the ranges of variables for those templates (allowed fonts, sizes, colors, etc.). DCA:

  • Gives creative teams design control while empowering other stakeholders
  • Ensures all stakeholders adhere to and follow the standards set by customers and creative team
  • Gives organizations tremendous leverage to scale their design output by empowering sales, marketing and other teams

3. Easier Variant Creation

With variants you can try out many different combinations and variations of creative. Pair different headlines with different product images, or keep the product images the same while changing the text, or vice versa. Automated variant creation can save hours if not days of work every month, and enable creative teams to invest their time in creative. With DCA you can generate variants for:

  • A/B testing
  • Upcoming sporting events, holidays or specific marketing campaigns
  • The same text but different product images / photos
  • Different text, but the same product image
  • Personalization based on data feed inputs

DCA enables teams to be nimble and in control of the process, while empowering stakeholders company-wide, and delivering time-savings in the process. Contact us to find out more about our Dynamic Creative Automation. Or check out our visual content and e-commerce image, video and display advertising resource libraries for more information.


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