5 Ways To Use Video To Promote Your Products


Did you know that adding videos to your product detail pages can improve conversion rates by 86%? That’s why videos can be such a great way to promote your products. From evergreen videos to tentpole opportunities, videos are a great way to grab shopper attention and make your products stand out. Here are 5 great ways to use video to promote your products:

1. Create tentpole videos around key holidays throughout the year

Creating tentpole videos using a tool like the It’sRapid Video Builder is a great way to capture shopper attention. Tentpole videos focus on seasonal occasions like Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Back to School, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the December holiday season. Even though your products may not be changing, tentpole videos are an opportunity to create fresh content for your products and show them in a highly relevant light for shoppers. Many brands miss out on these seasonal opportunities throughout the year because they lack the time or resources to create videos that are specific to these holidays. But fortunately, new tools, combined with a more modular approach to content creation, mean that you can create tentpole videos in minutes.

2. Create occasion videos to highlight product use opportunities

Like tentpole videos, occasion based videos make your products more relevant to shoppers. A chewing gum video in the context of an office, at the sports field or when heading out on the road. All of these occasions are part of your shopper’s daily lives, and occasion based videos can bring your product alive for those occasions. The more relevant your product is, the more your shoppers remember all the places that your product may be relevant for them and the more benefit they can receive from your products. Creating occasion based videos is easy with our Video Creator.

3. Build stop-motion videos to engage shoppers

Stop-motion videos are an incredible way to engage shoppers. They take graphics you already have, such as product images and stock photography and turn them into engaging animations for shoppers. These videos can be used to inform and inspire your shoppers. Consider a squeezeable avocado product. A stop-motion video can showcase opportunities to use the product — in a sandwich, on a salad, or as a cracker spread. At the same time, it can inform shoppers by explaining how many avocados and nutrients are in each serving. Check out our stop-motion video case study for more information.

4. Create product-feature videos to highlight key benefits of your products

Many products are differentiated in the market based on the features they offer. For example, a new travel bag might offer a special configuration system. It might be compatible with other products from the same manufacturer. It could be waterproof, available in multiple colors, and lightweight while being incredibly strong. These are all great features that shoppers need to know about. Product-feature videos bring these benefits front and center for shoppers who are looking for points of differentiation when making a purchase decision.

5. Combine User Generated Content (UGC), product reviews and product images into testimonial videos

Finally, anther great way to use existing content is to combine User Generated Content, product reviews and product images into testimonial videos. When used in above-the-fold “image” carousels, product testimonial videos created with tools like our Video Creator let shoppers know what other users of the product think about it. And best of all, there’s no need to scroll down on the page – because testimonial videos can appear in the image carousel, they’re highly visible to shoppers.

These are just a few of the many ways that you can use videos to promote your products. Videos are highly interactive, customizable, and engaging for shoppers. Combined with the right audio tracks, they can really bring your products to life, whether in the form of Shoppable Videos (for top of funnel advertising) or as product videos on product detail pages (PDPs). And with more and more content taking a “bite size” format – think Tiktok and Instagram – the timing has never been better to create videos for every product in your lineup.



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