Whitelabel Amazon Sponsored Ads and Walmart Sponsored Ads Solution

For agencies looking to bring their ad management platform software in-house, look no further. With the IT’SRAPID e-commerce ad management platform, you can build and manage campaigns in a few easy steps. There are no performance based fees, so you don’t have to worry about costs increasing as you onboard more clients. We’re adding more platforms like CitrusAd, Criteo and Instacart based on customer demand. Contact us to find out more.

trends & data

Find performance trends within data modules

Charts and graphs are auto-updated in real time
• Easily leverage data modules to make campaign optimizations
Change metrics to fit your brand’s KPIs


Understand how your brand is discovered

• Interface has a built-in keyword research tool that analyzes real-time search traffic
• Apply this tool to optimize your campaigns
• Find keywords with the highest search frequency and strongest average purchase intent


Build campaigns in a few easy steps

Bulk upload features allow for a quick and seamless building process.

Utilize keyword research tool to build out and upload keyword targeting lists.

Search Brand Amplifier campaigns make it easy to extend your reach.

Step 1

Build a campaign structure that compliments your brand’s KPIs

Step 2

Use research tools to apply purchase-driven targeting

Step 3

Leverage performance tools to seamlessly action on learnings

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