White Label Creative Management Solutions for Agencies

Look no further than the IT’SRAPID White Label Creative Management Solution. Our solution helps leading agencies provide creative management and creative production services to their brand clients. With our white label creative management solutions, you can accelerate E-Commerce content creation, while building creative that is compelling, brand-compliant and adheres to retailer and social media requirements. Use our Creative Management platform directly or share with your brand clients so they can login and make changes. Use our built-in proofing module to make it easy to share creative updates and revisions with your brand clients. Clients can quickly and easily leave feedback directly on share proofs, and your team can then make changes accordingly.

advertising front end

Customized to meet your needs

Need a creative builder, image editor, video maker or search advertising front end for your platform or agency? Look no further. Our white-label solutions can be customized to meet your needs

Sample Use Cases

• Product Information Management (PIM) or Digital Asset Management (DAM) system that can offer more tools to existing users to help them get the most value from their product images
• Existing ad server back-end that needs a search advertising or display-creation tool front-end
• Campaign management tool that would benefit from a built-in display advertising / banner creation front-end
• Agencies that currently offer campaign management solutions that also want to offer creative design services

What is a white label Creative Management solution?

A white label Creative Management solution is used by agencies to provide creative services and technology to their brand clients.

Who can benefit from a white label Creative Management solution?

Agencies looking to provide creative services to their brand clients can benefit from a white label Creative Management solution. This solution enables you to deliver creative services to your brand clients without the traditional resources required to deliver creative services to clients. The solution is perfect for e-retail and e-commerce agencies, search advertising agencies, brokers in the retail space, and more. 

How can agencies get started with Creative Management?

Getting started with a Creative Management solution is easy. The steps include choosing a Creative Management partner and then gathering and loading your existing marketing assets. From there, it’s quick and easy to build your first banner, image or video.

How can my agency accelerate creative production for Retail Media?

Creative production for Retail Media is one of the key areas in which creative management solutions can be helpful for agencies. According to industry analysts, Retail Media spend is growing at over 30% annually. The right creative management solution can help your agency serve brand demands for creative production when it comes to banners, images and shoppable videos for retail media.

What is the ROI for Creative Management solutions?

Creative Management solutions accelerate your ability to create new content for E-Commerce channels, take advantage of retailer opportunities, and execute content refreshes throughout the year. This means you can quickly create content that is highly engaging and relevant to your shoppers. With the right Creative Management solution, you can create content five to ten times faster than you can today. This new approach to creative production means that virtually every agency can create more content for their brand clients, faster than ever before.

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