Automate & Streamline Processes for Cut Sheets, Spec Sheets, and Price Sheets

Accelerate manual, time-consuming processes and free up your team’s resources with It’sRapid automation tools.

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Are you challenged with:

  • Creating info-heavy spec sheets / sell sheets at scale?

  • Keeping all sheets up-to-date?

  • Spending hours manually creating these sheets?

With It’sRapid you can:

  • Instantly update text heavy cut sheets, spec sheets, or price sheets with automation

  • Create 100’s or 1000’s of spec sheets/sell sheets quickly and easily

  • Fully integrate your PIM solution (Salsify, Syndigo, etc.)

  • Create different versions for varying markets

  • Create custom branding / designs / layouts

  • Reduce production time by up to 80%

Spec/Cut Sheet Examples

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