Variant Automation

With RapidAds Variant Automation you can create many different variants of a single e-commerce banner automatically. Try out one product image with a variety of different headlines, or switch up the product images while keeping the text constant. Either way, RapidAds makes it easy to upload, edit and produce multiple variants, whether you’re looking for dozens or thousands.

Upload your product images or connect RapidAds with your PIM or DAM system directly. RapidAds works with popular PIM and DAM systems to pull in product images so you can generate creative from virtually any product image in your library. Or, upload images from the web or your desktop.

RapidAds combines an unlimited number of text and image variants together to produce your desired output. Traditionally approaches require days for designers to produce variants at scale, consuming valuable design/creative time in the process. Dynamic Creative Automation simplifies the process, enabling you to produce hundreds or thousands of variants at scale.

RapidAds supports data upload from Excel files (XLSX), CSV files, google sheets, or, use the built-in editor to create variants right in the RapidAds web interface.

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