Template Library Built for


The RapidAds Template Library is designed for e-commerce. It supports both pre-built and custom templates.

Pre-built Templates support the retailers you need out of the box. From Amazon and AmazonFresh to Kroger, Target and Walmart, RapidAds supports a number of different templates in multiple different sizes. Pre-built templates mean that you don’t need to spend time building templates from scratch. Instead, you can focus on generating ad creative and building campaigns to support the products you want to promote.

AmazonFresh Example

Custom Templates work with industry-standard PSD (Photoshop Data) files. So you can design custom templates in Photoshop or directly in RapidAds. Once you load your templates into your RapidAds Template Library, simply configure the data fields the way you want. For example, you can set character count limits, font size ranges, and colors. RapidAds Template data is stored as metadata alongside the PSD, with metadata associated with each PSD field.

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