Modular Content Approach vs. Traditional Agency Model

IT’SRAPID brings together the best aspects of a traditional creative agency with the control and self-serve options you expect from an online software platform. That means you get managed services and a dedicated account manager to take care of all your content creation needs, while also being able to login to our online portal for direct edits, comments and downloads. Plus, because we pre-load your brand kit, you can rest assured that the content produced in IT’SRAPID will adhere to your brand guidelines. Let’s take a look:


Modular Content Approach

Traditional Agency Approach

Days or weeks
Reusable content
Predictable – fixed
Hard to plan – hourly or change based
Managed service and self-serve
Make edits yourself whenever you want
Complex layered files are simplified so anyone can work with them
Pre-built templates
Always up to date with the latest retailer templates
Brand kit
Easily access your product image library
Create ads, images and videos in one place
More content – no increase in cost
Revisions – included
Digital Asset Management included (if you don’t already have a DAM)
Online proofing
E-Commerce best practices

modular content approach

Designed to meet your needs

Our modular content approach makes it easy to re-use and re-purpose marketing assets you already have. Convert static images into engaging videos in minutes. Turn product images into lifestyle shots. And do it all with our managed services, self-serve platform, or both. Plus, no more paying hourly fees for iterations and revisions, simply login and make those changes yourself based on the initial designs. 

Use Cases

• Organization-wide access, with easy-to-use, managed services and online tools that anyone in your organization can use.
• Create multiple versions of images and videos that can be used for A/B testing in just a few clicks.
• Online proofing and approvals to streamline creative workflows and get your projects published in record time.

What is modular content?

Modular content makes it easy to re-use marketing assets across multiple campaigns, formats and channels. Traditional approaches store media assets in complex layered files that can only be used through proprietary programs by design experts. Modular content simplifies this process by making the design process accessible to anyone, anytime.

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