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Stop-Motion Videos For E-Commerce

As a leading natural foods brand, Curation Foods is re-imagining the way fresh, plant-based foods are grown, prepared and delivered. With that in mind, Curation was looking for a way to showcase its brand in a compelling and engaging way to shoppers on Instacart and other e-commerce sites. Curation had existing product images, but did not have a huge catalog of marketing assets to start from. The Managed Services team at IT’SRAPID recommended an engaging stop-motion video. In this case study, we’ll dive more into how the project came together, and how Curation was able to get the visual content they needed in just a couple of days with the IT’SRAPID Video Creator.




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About Curation Foods

Curation Foods is a leading natural foods brand whose products are available through many retailers both online and in-store. The Curation Foods story started in 1979 when five growers in Santa Maria Valley, California created Apio, which stands for celery in Spanish. Today, Curation Foods is one of the nation’s leading makers of natural foods, with brands including Eat Smart, O, Now Planting, Yucatan, Cabo Fresh and BreatheWay.

Creating Stop-Motion Videos To Engage Shoppers

Curation Foods wanted a way to showcase its innovative natural foods products and packaging to shoppers on Instacart and other online retailers like Amazon and Walmart. In particular, the company wanted to build out videos for its squeezeable avocado pouches. The goal of these videos would be to bring greater awareness to the product for Instacart shoppers, and highlight some of the many occasions and opportunities to benefit from the company’s squeezeable avocado pouches–whether that be on sandwiches, as a spread, or on the go. The company wanted the resulting video to be entertaining and educational, increasing awareness, while being something that would inform shoppers and be memorable.

The IT’SRAPID Creative Managed Services team met with Curation Foods to get initial direction on the project. Curation Foods provided existing marketing assets, including a product image. From there, the IT’SRAPID team was able to put together an engaging stop-motion video, using the IT’SRAPID platform, and share it back with the Curation Foods team.

Among the many benefits of the video are that it looks great, showcases the brand, and highlights the benefits of Curation’s avocado pouches. And because of the unique, modular approach that IT’SRAPID provides to video creation, Curation can revise the video anytime for seasonal events, new messaging, or new product packaging–without the typical change fees, hourly project costs, and significant time investment normally associated with such updates. That’s why we’re overjoyed to partner with innovative companies like Curation Foods to create visibility for their products while helping ensure that they can stretch their marketing and content creation budgets as far as possible.

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