How To Work With Template Fields

Templates are reusable designs for E-Commerce banners, product infographics and shoppable videos. Templates define the overall structure and layout, while configurable objects, called fields, determine what elements users can edit. The Template Editor is an easy to use interface for adding objects to a template. Templates can also be imported and exported.

In this section, we’ll discuss the fields that can be added to a template.

Field Settings

A number of settings are common across fields:

Position (X, Y) and Dimensions (Width, Height)

The X and Y values set the default position of a field. The Dimensions values change the default Width and Height of an object.

  • Selecting and dragging an item in the Template Editor popup window
  • Selecting and editing the values in the toolbar below the Template Editor window
  • Editing the values directly in the table


The Moveable setting determines whether a user can change the position and dimensions of an object:

  • If set to Yes, the user can make changes to an object’s position
  • If set to No, object is fixed in place.

Setting an object’s Moveable value to No is useful for templates that require items to be fixed in a specific position, such as Call to Action buttons, Headlines, and so on that are required to be in specific locations in a template.


The font dropdown configures the default font for text fields. Choose a font from the font dropdown. If a font you would like to use is not listed, contact support to have the font added or to have font upload enabled for your account.

Font Selector

The Font Selector setting determines whether users can edit font setting for a field:

  • If set to Yes, the user can make changes to a text field’s font and size settings
  • If set to No, the user cannot make changes to a text field’s font and size settings

Setting a text field’s Font Selector value to No is useful for templates that require specific fonts and font sizes to be used. For example, some retailers, channels and brands require site-specific fonts.

Group Name

The Group Name field is used to group objects together. Group Name is used with SmartObjects to place multiple fields within the SmartObject. For more detail, see the SmartObject field section.
Use the same value in the Group Name field for multiple fields to group those fields together.

Option Fields
The Option fields are used to set parameters that are specific to individual fields. For example, border colors, shadow effects and other settings are configured using the Option fields. Option fields are described below for the individual fields where they apply.

Field Actions

Add Field
To add a field to a template, click Add Field or use the Add Field dropdown in the title bar of the Template Editor.

Delete Field
To remove a field from the Template Editor, click the X in that field. The field will be deleted after you click the Update Template button at the bottom of the table.

Field Types


Image Fields

Upload Image 
The Upload Image field adds a Browse button to the image creation page. The user can use this button to upload an image. The X, Y, Width and Height values specify the default position and dimensions for the uploaded image. Upload Image is often used to add lifestyle graphics to a design.

Static Image
The Static Image field adds a static image to the template. This image is fixed in the template and not editable by the user. Static images are often useful for backgrounds, borders or other elements that should not be user-editable.

Image List

The Image List option adds a dropdown to the image creation page. This dropdown contains a list of images from the selected Image List. The default Image List is configured in Option1.
Custom Image lists are available; please contact support for more information.

Text Fields

The Text field adds a user-editable text field to the template. Use the Max Chars value to set the character count limit for the text field. If a value is set, a character counter will appear on the image creation page. This is especially useful for templates that have set field length limits.

Static Text
The Static Text field adds a static text field to the template. This text is not user-editable.

Text Options
The Text Options field adds a text dropdown to the template, containing multiple pre-set text options.

Shape Fields

Shape Fields make it possible to add shapes like rectangles and circles to a template.

The Rectangle field adds rectangle shapes to the template. The fill color, border color and border width can be pre-configured or configured on the template creation page.

The Circle field adds a circle to the template. Similar to the Rectangle, the fill color, border color and border width can be pre-configured or configured on the template creation page.

UPC/GTIN, Product Dimensions, and Product Images

The UPC/GTIN, Product Space, and Product Image fields work together to display product images in the template.


If included in the template, the UPC/GTIN field lets the user select the product IDs of the product images to use in the template. These can be UPC or GTIN values, or retailer-specific IDs such as Amazon ASINs, Target TCINs, Walmart Tool IDs and so on.

Product Image
The Product Image field(s) reference the entered values in the UPC/GTIN field to show the product images in the template, based on the entered product ID values.

Product Dimensions
The Product Dimensions field determines the area used for product images. 


Themes are used to configure default colors and background images to be used with a given customer or channel. For example, specific background images can be loaded for a Winter theme, a Fall theme or a Spring theme.
Or Themes can be configured per brand.

Background Theme
The Background Theme field will include a dropdown selector on the image creation page, allowing the user to choose a theme.

Special Fields

SmartObjects are used for grouping items together and applying transform effects to the object. Transforms can include effects like rounded corners, shadows, and other effects.

Text from Spreadsheet
The Text from Spreadsheet field supports loading data from a spreadsheet to be used in a template. For example, to generate images with a variety of different headlines without having to enter those headlines manually.

Max File Size
The Max File Size field sets the maximum file size of the image file generated for the template. This is useful for channels/customers that have file size limits on the images that can be submitted to their platforms.

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