How To Work With Layouts

Layouts combine multiple templates together. That makes them great for:

  • Building Below The Fold content that consists of multiple template images
  • Organizing banner ads / banner sizes that belong to the same campaign
  • Creating HTML based email or web pages that consist of multiple graphics and text areas

Layouts View

To create, copy, or edit a layout, go to the Layouts view:

1. Choose your Channel such as Facebook or Email or Customer, such as a retailer.

2. To the right of Customers, click the Layouts grid icon. This will take you to the layouts view.

Once you are in the layouts list, you can create, edit or copy a layout as follows.

Create a Layout

To create a layout:

1. Click Create layout.

2. Choose a template from the templates dropdown.

3. Click Add to add the template to the layout.

4. Repeat for each template you want to add to the layout. You can always add more templates later.

5. Click the Update Layout button to save the layout.

Copy a Layout

To make a copy of a layout:

1. In the list of layouts, click Copy next to the layout you want to copy.

2. Edit the name of the layout in the layout name edit box.

3. Click Update Layout.

Edit a Layout

To edit an existing layout:

1. In the list of layouts, click Edit next to the layout you want to edit.

When working with an existing layout that contains production-ready assets, you may want to make a copy of that layout first.

After you edit a layout, the templates view will appear.

2. To edit a template within a layout, click the pencil icon.

3. To move templates within a layout, click and drag the template you want to move.

4. To resize a template in the layout grid, use the size arrow.

Make sure to click Update Layout after adding, moving or removing a template to save the updated layout.

Edit a Template in a Layout

1. Click the pencil icon on any template in the layouts list view.

2. In the template view, edit the template settings.

3. Click Save to save the template and return to the layout view.

Bulk Update Fields

Bulk Update is helpful for making packaging image refreshes, text changes and other updates quickly across multiple templates within a layout.

From within any template in a layout:

1. Click Bulk Update

2. Choose the source text and image fields to copy from the current layout.

3. Choose one or more destination templates.

4. Click “Bulk Update.” The text and images will be copied from the current template to the destination templates.

Existing text or images with the same fields will be overwritten in the destination templates.

View a Layout

To view a layout, click the View button next to the layout you want to view.

Layout Settings

From the layout view, click the gear icon to configure the layout settings:

On-Screen and Proof Settings

  • Check Template Name to show the name of each template above each template.
  • Check Template Size to show the size of the template above each template.
  • Check Separator to show a separator line between each template. 

Download Settings

  • In the size dropdown, choose 100% to export at 100% or 50% to export at 50% size
  • To the right of the size dropdown, add a suffix such as _1x or _2x to have this added to each filename that is downloaded
  • In the naming edit box, use variables to configure the output filenames
  • Check the PSD checkbox to include PSD files in the Assets download.
  • Check the Overlay and/or Canvas checkboxes to include the overlay or canvas areas in the download. If not checked, these areas will not be included in the downloads, only in the on-screen view.

Download Layout Assets

To download layout assets:

1. Click the View button to view the layout.

2. Click the Download button to choose what to Download. The Download button will be grey while the the download is generated:

  • Assets Zip will download a zip file containing the assets for the layout.
  • Proof will download a proof image containing all the assets in one image.
  • Spreadsheet will download a spreadsheet with text values filled in for the layout.
  • Web Page will download a zip file containing the web page HTML / email HTML file and associated image assets.

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