Headless Content Automation

Headless Content Automation makes it easy to automate the creation of images, display ads and videos directly from your application or web site. With Headless Content Automation, you can leverage existing templates (or create new ones) to create a variety of different images, ads and videos.

Headless Content Automation Use Cases
Headless Content Automation is applicable across may different use cases. Here are a few examples:

  • Create Mobile Ready Hero Images directly from a Product Information Management (PIM) system
  • Create testimonial and ratings and review images from a review management system
  • Overlay new music or audio track on an existing video clip from a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system
  • Repurpose existing images into an engaging, interactive video, from a DAM system
  • Create multiple versions of a display advertisement, with different offers, backgrounds, and CTAs, from an ad management system
  • Support A/B testing within an existing image or display ad creation workflow

As you can see, there are a variety of different and compelling use cases for Headless Content Automation.

Application Programming Interface for Headless Content Automation
Our Application Programming Interface (API) makes it easy to create templates, list existing templates, create new jobs, and create images and videos programmatically. This can be done by integrating with our API or simply by calling our headless content API interface from the command line. Examples are available in our Developer Resources guide.

Our API returns URLs to completed images and videos that can be used directly in your application.

Headless Content Automation Benefits
Headless Content Automation has many benefits. It means you can create, transform and update images and videos programmatically, without needing to build image or video editing capabilities yourself. Add functionality to your application or web site in seconds with just one call.

With our template-based system, no heavy design work is needed. Leverage one of our many existing templates, or create your own one-time and then re-use. Our easy-to-use Design Studio means you can create templates in minutes and then automate using our APIs.

With themes, can you can customize the brand kit for each brand. That means, the fonts, logos, colors and even product images that are specific to any brand can be pre-loaded. If you’re working with multiple brands, you can create separate themes, one for each brand. With styles in our templates, you can switch themes and the font colors, fonts, and logos will update — applying the correct brand kit elements, just by changing the selected theme.

Our Content Automation Platform can generate outputs in a variety of common formats, including JPG, PNG and PSD for images and MP4 and GIF for videos. We support layered files, and use your original high-res images so it’s easy to produce and customize a variety of output formats as needed. Our platform also supports functionality like background removal, shadow, and skew effects so extensive customizations are easy to do.

headless content capabilities

Built to accelerate your application development

Headless Content Automation capabilities are built to accelerate the development of your application. Focus on your core requirements while we take care of generating images and videos. Our platform supports the common input and output formats for images and videos. For example, we can generate layered PSD files, JPG and PNG files; for videos we can export MP4 and GIF files, along with proof images by scene for your entire video. And best of all, all of the functionality is easy to access via API or command line calls.

What is Headless Content Automation?

Headless Content Automation is a way to add automated image and video processing and transformation capabilities to your application. Accessible via easy to use command line or API calls, Headless Content Automation means you can design once and re-use many times to generate different variations for A/B testing, seasonal updates, and more.

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