Create E-Commerce Display Campaigns Faster Than Ever

Investing in Display advertising is a great way to increase your eCommerce sales. Display advertising consists of banner ads that are displayed on retailer sites like Amazon, Instacart, Target, Walmart and others. Or on their networks of related sites. Banners displayed on retailer sites are called onsite banners, while banners on the retailer network sites are called offsite banners. Both help drive awareness for your brand, product or specific promotions.

The Media Creation Process

Traditionally, design teams create media by working with existing templates or creating them from scratch. In either case, sophisticated design tools are required. Even with years of experience, updating the assets for an entire campaign can take from a few hours to multiple days.

That’s because templates often come in a variety of sizes and formats:

  • Individual design files for each banner size.
  • Multiple layouts within each design, the choice of which depends on the quantity and type of included text and images.
  • Multiple formats, such as Preview and Delivery, along with requirements for file naming, file formats and maximum file sizes.

In addition to various design requirements, designers often need to incorporate multiple revision cycles to address feedback from marketing, legal and other parties.

Accelerate Media Creation

RapidAds provides a web-based solution that makes it quick and easy to create campaign assets:

  • Templates. Our templates automatically choose the correct text and image position for you. Just your text and headlines, sub-headlines and images will automatically be positioned in the right place.
  • Bulk updates. Our bulk update feature lets you update images and text across all the banner sizes in your campaign with a single click–ideal for revisions and product updates.
  • Production-ready. Our tool automatically outputs files with the correct names and file sizes required by channel or retailers.



Streamline Reviews and Approvals

Another part of the campaign creation workflow that often takes time is the internal review and approval process. RapidAds accelerates reviews with:

  • Proof sheets put all your designs in one place for easy review.
  • Review & approval. Built-in review workflow with commenting and approval support ensures you get the feedback and sign offs you need when you need them.
  • On-site preview. This unique feature previews your banners as they will look on the live retailer or social media site, removing guessing about what your creative will look like once live.

Create Production-Ready Graphics With Ease

From choosing the right template, layout and file format to ensuring that everyone who needs to sign off on a set of campaign assets has done so, a lot of steps are involved in creating production-ready graphics. This can make the production process time-consuming.

By using the right creative production platform, you can accelerate asset creation, streamline reviews and approvals and get campaigns live faster–all with more creative control than ever before. Contact us today to learn more.

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