Retail Media Creative Bottlenecks and How to Solve Them

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If you’re suffering from long lead times to get Retail Media campaign creative built and set live, you’re not alone. The retail media operations teams we speak with typically quote turnaround times ranging from eight to 10 weeks – that’s a whole lot longer than they’d like.

The numerous creative iterations required, combined with the large quantity of email back and forth leads to frustration on the parts of both brands and retailers. It slows down campaign go-live times, and in some cases, it means campaigns completely miss the window to go live due to lack of creative. That can mean significant lost revenue for both brands and retailers.

That’s why we introduced our Retail Media Creative Platform.

We’ve helped multiple Retail Media Networks reduce their creative campaign go-live times from 10 weeks to under two weeks. That has meant happier brands — who are therefore more likely to run additional campaigns — faster campaign launches, and significantly reduced operating time and cost for retailers.

So how does it work?


Our end-to-end Retail Media Creative Platform streamlines the process of designing, proofing and delivery campaign creative.

It takes your existing creative templates and imports those into our platform. That includes on-site templates, off-site templates, as well as creative for in-store and print media. We configure your logos, fonts, CTAs so that they’re ready to use.

From there, your advertisers can easily set up their own accounts, login and start uploading their assets. Once uploaded, they can design one template, and with the click of a button, update the assets across the rest of the templates in the campaign. Because our platform supports built-in proofing capabilities, brands are able to circulate proofs internally, and once ready, submit those proofs to the Retail Media Network for review. Once assets are approved, we deliver them directly in the required sizes and formats, properly named, directly to the Retail Media Network or ad serving platform.

Our platform supports advanced capabilities like the creation of animated banners in both GIF and HTML5 formats, along with standard JPG and PNG image formats. We can ensure that files are named according to your specs, and that files don’t exceed the maximum file sizes required by your platform. With support for versioning, we can make it easy for brands to build multiple versions of creative whether for design comparison or A/B testing.

In addition to our platform capabilities, we also have a full team of experienced designers who are extremely well-versed in building creative for both e-commerce and social media. So whether a brand needs a couple of quick edits before creative is finalized, or a complete set of assets built from scratch, we’re able to jump in to help from a creative standpoint anytime it’s needed.

We’d love to learn more about your Retail Media creative needs and see how we can help you reduce campaign creative development and go-live time down from months to weeks or even days. Learn from the team that built the Content Health Scorecard program for (now in use by tens of thousands of brands) about how we can help you streamline your Retail Media creative build process today.




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