Maximize the Value of Your PIM with Retail Media Creation Tools

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Your Product Information Management (PIM) system is your go-to repository for your e-commerce product catalog. Not to mention which, a PIM system is a major investment. Once you’ve made that investment, how can you maximize the value of it?

Go To Market Images
The go-to-market images stored in your PIM are an excellent source of assets for your media creation efforts. Be they product tiles, testimonial/review tiles, how-to images, or product videos. But different than a few years ago, simply providing a product shot is no longer enough. Today, with more competition than ever before, brands need to include multiple infographic tiles and videos in multiple formats to stay competitive and get their brand message out to shoppers.

However, the challenge historically has been how to go from from product images and other assets to retailer and site-ready imagery and videos that are ready to be published. That’s because doing so requires multiple steps:

* Identifying the right assets
* Determining which templates and layouts to use
* Integrating additional imagery such as background images
* Incorporating design, marketing and legal feedback
* Delivering the assets in the proper sizes, formats and styles that adhere to brand and retailer style guides

Fortunately, there’s a better way. With our template-driven approach, we take the guesswork out of figuring out which assets you need, which fonts are required by which brands and retailers, and what image dimensions and file sizes will work.

With our pre-built templates and roll-your-own templates, you get the best of both worlds. You can start from existing layouts or build your own custom templates to meet your needs.

PIM System Integration and Feed Support
RapidAds can connect directly with popular PIM systems via API connections or receive a feed file. Our years of experience working with multiple PIM systems makes it easy for us to import images and other product data from them, including brand names and product dimensions. This additional information makes it easier to find the right assets to include in your templates and proportionally size multiple assets when placing them into templates.

Put Your Go-To-Market Assets to Work
You did the work to get your PIM system up and running and your product data imported and configured. Now take the next step and put all those go-to-market image assets to work! From banners and product infographics to how-to and testimonial videos, there’s no time like now to create, refresh or update your digital brand presence.



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