Introducing The ITSRAPID Free Online Color Picker

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 Recreate any Color from Ads Instantly

Do you build templates, banners, campaigns and infographics? How often have you caught yourself wasting hours upon hours trying to find a specific color?

There are umpteen swipe-worthy banners, image backgrounds, Instagram stories, logos, or campaigns. We’d want to try many of them in our campaigns. 

Manually trying to replicate all the colors from the Ad can be a lot of work.

Now, there’s a better way to do it. This simple color picker tool makes it all look easy,

ITSRAPID Color Picker Tool is a nifty little free online tool that lets you sample colors from anywhere on the internet. Or even your own images you clicked on your phone.

ITSRAPID Color picker is a simple yet powerful tool in every designer’s toolkit. Here’s why…

  • You can simply grab and re-use colors instantly.
  • It saves you hours of guesswork trying to find that perfect shade.
  • It’s an online tool with no need to install a memory-intensive app or browser extension.
  • It’s a productivity booster that enables you to create banners, flyers, illustrations, and campaigns faster.
  • You can also quickly test your campaigns with different colored backgrounds, design elements, font colors, or hero images.

How to use the ITSRAPID Color Picker Tool?

The handy tool helps you get the accurate color code value from any part of the image with a click.

  • Upload an image or a screenshot of an Ad or banner from which you want to pick colors.
  • Click on the colors you want to copy.
  • The color code automatically gets copied to your clipboard in HEX format.
    (or manually copy in the RGB format)
  • Save it to your collection.

And done! 

This tool is also available as a WordPress plugin, so you can check for colors on the side and don’t have to leave your website mid-design. 

But wait, colors won’t build banners, templates, and campaigns themselves. You still need to create banner templates and Ad elements that make those hand-picked colors come alive.

To help you beat all those overwhelmingly laborious chores, we thought you’d like some ready-to-use templates? 

We’ve got a whole library of drag and drop banners and Ad templates (and template elements) in the exact sizes, formats, and layouts warranted by popular retail Ad networks like Amazon, Costco, or Target. 

Just pick a template, upload images, videos, and text. Download and start using them.

Learn more?

The ITSRAPID Color Picker Tool is a go-to utility for our in-house team of designers. It’s not only a productivity booster but also a smart way to create more Ad variations effortlessly. 

Let the color picker put together a beautiful palette of colors for your designs and campaigns; so you can create great UI experiences for your customers.

And hey, we’re adding more free web-design tools right here to make your day easier. 

So stick around. Ok?




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