Prime Day Extends Beyond Amazon. What Is Your Strategy?

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Not surprisingly, newer E-Commerce players are taking a page out of Amazon’s playbook. Retailers like Walmart and Target have decided to create their own versions of Amazon’s Prime Day, offering major online and in-store discounts across various industries. Unless you are a beauty/fashion, home or tech brand, it’s likely the deals won’t affect you directly. That means you can ignore the promotion period, right? Wrong!

Amazon, Walmart and Target are going to see an immense increase in site traffic on the days they are offering these promotions. Even though this is a relatively new concept for Walmart (this will be their second “Deals for Days” event) and Target, Amazon shoppers have become accustomed to this kind of experience through Prime Day, which has been around since 2015 and will offer more than a million deals this year. No matter the retailer site, this promotion period is going to put almost all of your consumers one small click away from your product page in a 2-3 day window. You no longer have to wonder when your consumers will be shopping. That question is answered. Now all you have to do is reach them in a meaningful and relevant way.

Creative strategy

While it’ll be important during this time to stay relevant to your consumer’s mindset, there’s no need to do a complete creative overhaul during these short events. This would be a great opportunity to implement a copy ‘test and learn’. Test a few different copy options – one or two that lean into the mindset of those consumers searching for deals and one or two that feel more evergreen. These quick copy edits can be done in seconds in the RapidAds interface! Implement the same targeting across all versions so there is only one variable in your test: the copy. After the promotion periods, measure CTR and ROAS across your creative versions to see if this kind of quick copy update is something you should be doing more often.

Media strategy

Is your digital share of voice not quite where you want it to be? Maybe now is the time to double down on daily spend and bids. Capitalize on the increased traffic by increasing your brand’s reach on these days. When choosing the right bid, keep in mind that both Walmart and Target operate on a first-price auction (what you bid is what you pay). Either prioritize reach and impressions for those days or initiate a conservative bid increase in order for your return on investment to remain positive.

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