Automate Mobile Ready Hero Images

E-Commerce, Mobile

Mobile ready hero images have long been shown to improve conversion rates on sites like Amazon, Walmart, Kroger, Tesco and many others. That’s because they make it easier for shoppers to recognize their favorite brands and products on mobile devices. Plus, they clearly indicate a product’s quantity or volume.

But they’re time consuming to create. Especially when you need to create them for many different products, sizes, and languages. Fortunately, there’s an easier, more efficient way to create mobile ready hero images:

  • Use our built-in mobile ready hero image template or upload your own
  • Select the product image, enter the text and choose the colors you want to use
  • Or, upload a spreadsheet that has all the text and color variations you want to use to generate multiple output files

From there, it’s as easy as clicking Publish and your mobile ready hero images are ready to go!

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